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If you are looking for the zine, see Interphase.

Title: Interphase calendar
Contributors: Gayle F.
Date(s): 1976, 1977
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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The Interphase calendar is a Star Trek: TOS 1976 calendar by Gayle F with two issues. The illustrations were republished in the Interphase Calendar Illo Book by boojums Press in 1977.

Gayle's Debut

from the calendar

This calendar was Gayle F's fannish debut.

From the editorial in Interphase #3 (1976):
The extra chunk of paper that fell out of the envelope... is the Special Calendar Supplement ... Let me mention right here that the calendar is only available as part of the zine; it is not available separately. [Gayle F], the artist whose illustrations make the calendar so special, has been on the periphery of fandom for a while, but this is, I believe, her debut in a fanzine. Gayle is a multi-talented and remarkably imaginative person (you will probably be seeing her excellent fiction in zines soon, as well as her dynamic artwork), and it is with wide-eyed, 'goshwow' gratitude that I'd like to publicly her welcome to fanzine fandom.

Issue 1

The first Interphase Calendar is 14 pages long and covers September 1976 through March 1977. It was designed by Gayle F and published in 1976 as a supplement to Interphase 3. The copyright notice on the back of the calendar names both Gayle F and Connie Faddis. On the cover: "Interphase Presents Adventures on the Fictional Plane in Which the Enterprise Visits the World of Liteature," and "To be Continued in Interphase IV".

The cover image shows Spock as Sherlock Holmes and later appears in a slightly different form as the cover of The Holmesian Federation #1 in 1978.

Star Trek Visits the World of Literature - HP Lovecraft (Scotty)
  • September: The Lovecraft Universe. Art shows the Enterprise characters fighting a Cthulhu tentacle monster.
  • October: The Last Unicorn. Art shows Spock with a unicorn in a meadow, surrounded by flowers, bunnies, and birds.
  • November: The Maltese Falcon. Art shows this scene with Kirk in the Bogart role and the other characters replaced by Star Trek characters.
  • December: The Snow Queen. Art shows Kirk rescuing a frozen Spock from the snow queen and McCoy is in the background holding a hypospray.
  • January: The Left Hand of Darkness. Art features a man (male Spock) and a woman. (female Kirk)
  • February: The Narnia Chronicles. McCoy, Uhura and the lion; Sulu is in the background, pointing to an open door that leads to the stars and to the Enterprise.
  • March: Moby Dick. Art shows Spock and Kirk as the only survivors, clinging to a plank in the rough sea. In the background waves, gulls, sinking ships, and the great white whale.

Gallery for Issue 1

Issue 2

The second Interphase Calendar covers May to November 1977. On the cover, "Interphase Presents Star Trek Goes to the Movies." It was published as a supplement to Interphase 4. Star Trek fanart fusions in the second calendar include Road To Morocco, Frankenstein, Shane, Children Of Paradise, The Beauty and The Beast, The African Queen.

Gallery for Issue 2