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Synonyms: Goshwowboyohboy
See also: Fanboy, Sensawunda
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Goshwow is a term used in science fiction fandom to describe excessively enthusiastic, uncritical fen. It was based on a LOC from 1939 that was quoted by a Time magazine reporter; sf fans were annoyed.[1] So annoyed, in fact, that they remembered the incident fifteen years later; it is referenced in The Enchanted Duplicator.[2][3]

The term can also be found in media fanzines such as Interphase, but appears to have fallen out of use.

Examples of Use

Issue 24 is definitely much better looking than the earlier copies of FLEET I had seen—what, two years ago? The contents level has not changed—still very goshwow, but hell, sensawunda is good for you. [4]


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