Kirk's Decision

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Kirk's Decision
Author(s): Frankie Jemison
Date(s): 1977
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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art by Leslie Fish

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Kirk's Decision is a K/S story by Frankie Jemison. It is illustrated by Leslie Fish.

It was published in the print zine Obsc'zine #1.

The form "[character]'s [action]" in titles was typical of Kraith stories, and given that the followup "Aftermath" was reviewed in terms of Kraith, it is logical to assume that "Kirk's Decision" was likewise meant to be set in the Kraith universe. The only problem with this is that Kraith had no slash, as homosexuality was inconsistent with the established realities of Vulcan in the Kraith universe. "Kirk's Decision"/"Aftermath" were probably never submitted to the Kraith Round Robin for official inclusion.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

"Kirk's Decision" was good. It presented the relationship as it should be, based on love, not lust. Kirk had to make a conscious choice to commit himself to Spock, rather than just falling into bed. [2]
A very sweet/sad story. Kirk saved Spock's life by going through pon far (sic) with him, only to have sent him near to death by being with a woman. Now he has to decide if he will bond with and be forever sexually faithful to his friend or watch Spock die. His decision was inevitable "no price too great to pay," but the writer let me feel for Kirk as he wrestles with all he will give up and for Spock lying bleeding, telling Spock "how logical it was for him to die." But "in love and reverent homage, Kirk’s head bowed.He leaned over this person whom he owed so much and gently kissed his lips." Only three pages, but full of feeling. [3]
Frankie Jemison's 'Kirk's Decision' had a nice warm feeling to it, but suffered by appearing in the same zine with Fish's incomparably powerful treatment.[4][5]
"Kirk's Decision," by Frankie Jemison, takes place after Kirk serves Spock in pon farr. It was a nightmare experience for Kirk, and he does not realize that a bond was formed, but only on Spock's side. Therefore, when Kirk later unwittingly makes love to a woman, Spock senses it, and attempts suicide. He is rescued in time by McCoy. Kirk rushes to his bedside and, making the decision to become Spock's exclusive bondmate, kisses his lips, as his eyes open slowly. The watching McCoy, tears in his eyes, vows: "Even if Spock couldn't wear white...the whole ship would work their asses to the bone for this. The wedding would be the biggest bash in Starfleet history." [6]


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