Soul Quest

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Title: Soul Quest
Publisher: Requiem Publications
DE Press
Author(s): Natalie L.
Cover Artist(s): AngstPuppy
Lorraine Brevig
Date(s): 2003-2006
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
External Links: Author's page with online version

chapters 1-6 here

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Soul Quest is a Jim/Blair AU Sentinel mpreg slash set of two novels. Both volumes collect the series that is also published online in ten parts.

Issue 1

cover by AngstPuppy

Soul Quest contains 330-pages and was published in May 2003. The art is by AngstPuppy. It was published by Requiem.

The first five stories of this series were published on-line by the My Mongoose e-zine, but the author has written another part - almost 90 pages, which have never before been seen, written exclusively for this zine from AngelWings Press. Also included in this zine is a "Soul-Quest Bible" for those of you wishing to know more about the wonderful world this author has created. This zine is illustrated with about twenty-four interior illos.

  • Soul Quest Bible (6 pages)
  • Soul Quest (63 pages)
  • Ties Of Blood (25 pages)
  • Ties Of Tradition (49 pages)
  • Ties Of Love (71 pages)
  • Ties Of Time (32 pages)
  • Ancestral Ties (90 pages)

Issue 2

cover by Lorraine Brevig

Soul Quest 2: Ties That Bind was published in 2006. It contains 204 pages and is illustrated by Lorraine Brevig. It is published by DE Press. Summary from publisher: "Join Jim and B’layr in their trials and triumphs and share in their tears of joy and loss as they and their extended family celebrate births and grieve the loss of loved ones in three all-new chapters of this exciting AU universe."

  • Chapter 7: Broken Ties -- The existence of the elves leaks out when B’layr’s dissertation is prematurely released.
  • Chapter 8: Reforged Ties -- As B’layr approaches the birth of their child, the unthinkable happens – Jim is nearly killed in a hunting accident.
  • Chapter 9: Healing Ties -- A terrible accident forces B’layr to return to the Ancients for additional training and Jim to deal with the aftermath – a blind son – on his own.