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Hair Fandom is a fandom that celebrates the long hair of canon characters.

A sort-of subset of this fandom is fans' discussion and fanwork creations that imagine long hair on characters that do not have long hair in canon.

Hair Fandoms tend to have a m/m slash focus.

From a member of Media Cannibals, Wickedwords, who took the lead on some vids:

Hair: Hair was my baby, a multimedia metavid about hair fans. Yes, I am serious. Hair fandom is huge, and it can make or break a series (right, Felicity?) Not to mention that whole fuss in Sentinel fandom when fans heard rumors that Blair Sandburg would have to cut. his. hair. Or making Ronon Dex 's actor wear a wig when he cut off his dreadlocks during the Stargate Atlantis hiatus before season 5. Fortunately, we realized that we were in luck early on, as characters usually either had hair or did not, and we were able to use aliens for those that were inbetween.


One of the other novel things about it was that Sandy and I deliberately included women as some of the objects of adoration, which was different from most multimedia slash vids of the era, which usually only showed men. But the women got play as sex-objects in our vid, since it was all about the hair; it made no sense to the two of us to exclude them, because, hey, women are sexy and heroic and all kinds of fun. Plus some women have really good hair [1]

Some Examples of Canon Hair Fandoms

Some Examples of Fanon Hair Fandoms

Some Fanworks


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