Pride of the Clan

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Fan Art
Title: Pride of the Clan
Date(s): 1978
First Published:
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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"Pride of the Clan" is a fanart by Alice Jones. It was printed in IDIC #6 and features a pre-reform, long-haired Spock.

"Pride of the Clan" by Alice Jones

Alexis Fegan Black said it was "my all-time favorite piece of Trek art." [1]

This piece was a major inspiration for Caren Parnes: "The first major influence and the style I most wanted to emulate was Alice J.’s. She was the ultimate “realist” artist and that was my natural inclination anyway. I recently ran into a copy of IDIC 6 (1978) that has a slew of her artwork in it and saw a piece I had forgotten; one that had a huge impact on fandom at the time, a piece called “The Pride of the Clan”—a young, bare- chested Spock with long hair and a Star of David on his chest. I remember several conversations about that piece of art when I got into fandom (and that was seven years after it was published!)” [2]


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