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Name: Rachael Sabotini
Alias(es): Wickedwords, Alys Sanders, Alys, rache, one of the three authors in The Krell
Type: Vidder, Author, Meta Fan
URL: http://mediafans.org/rachael/ fiction site (Rachael Sabotini's House O'Fanfic)
http://bamvidvault.ning.com/profile/RachaelSabotini streaming video site
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She co-founded the Media Cannibals and vidded with Sandy Herrold as part of Clucking Belles

Her first fanfic was at Worf/Riker story in 1989 in the print zine To Boldly Go....

In 25 Jan 1993, she joined the Virgule Mailing List under her Alys pseudonym using a borrowed university account.

She is a former administrator of the ROG-L mailing list.

Rachael Sabotini contributes to Fanlore as user:wickedwords.


Her Name

In 2007, she wrote: "My pseud 'Rachael Sabotini' is a riff off of Raphael Sabatini, the author of Scarmouche, Captain Blood, and many other swashbuckling novels, and my lj name 'WickedWords' is both a book about Curses, Insults, Put-Downs, and Other Formerly Unprintable Terms and a line of erotica novels I'll leave you to guess which one I pulled off the shelf when I was trying to figure out a name for my lj. Both names seem too long for email, so I usually go by rache." [1]

In 2000, she was the winner of a Citizens Against Bad Slash Tongue-in-Cheek Award: "I present this award to Rachael Sabotini, one of my favorite Sentinel writers, who also wins the award for the person who has her name mispelled [2] the most." [3]



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