The Man Song

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Title: The Man Song
Creator: Media Cannibals: Sandy Herrold, Feochadn, Rachael Sabotini
Date: 1998
Format: VCR Vid
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: Streaming and download at AO3, see Media Cannibals/Tape3 for more information.

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The Man Song is a comedy vid comparing the two views of Jim:

Jim-as-Stereotypical Action Hero (i.e., Jim in the promos for The Sentinel) vs. Jim-utterly Beta to Blair's Alpha (including the flowered Apron scene), (i.e., Jim in the actual show, The Sentinel).

While the song it very obscure, at least two vidders discovered it independently and used to to make a fanvid. In 2001, Leigh Matooka said she heard the song first when it was played on a local radio station. To get a CD she had to go to a shopping mall at 6am on Black Friday for the radio station promotional giveaway. The Media Cannibals also had to track the song down and finally located it as wav file on the Internet. Leigh's version was set to Blake's 7 and the year it premiered at Mediawest people confused the two vids, thinking that Leigh had become a Sentinel fan.[1]


"Of the Sentinel vids, I love Hippie Boy along with Similar Features, but The Man Song takes the cake. We must have shown it 15 times at The Bash, the Baltimore based Sentinel/Media con last labor day weekend. The whole roomful of us had l[e]arned all they [sic] lyrics and sang right along, when we weren't convulsing in laughter.[2]

"I popped over to Pollo Loco for dinner and came back for vids. On Friday the vids shown are the ones that are new since last Escapade (i.e., they have been shown at other cons in the past year; gives many a chance to see them for the first time). Many good ones, including a heartbreaking "Nothing Sacred" tribute by the Chicago Loop, Gayle F's multi-media "The One" (how could you *not* love a slash vid that starts with a scene from LAWRENCE OF ARABIA?), and closing with Media Cannibals' infamous "The Man Song" Sentinel vid."[3]

"I think Media Cannibals' Man Song is one of the very best vids ever, and I can *never* watch it without laughing."[4]

"'Man Song' by Media Cannibals- one of the best Sentinel vids ever. I've seen it so many times, and everytime I laugh my a$$ off. It's one of the few Sentinel vids that I can still watch. A fantastic way to end the show."[5]

[About being a captive audience at a convention vid show]: "I always go with such hope that something like "the man song" will pop up and make me smile! I love vids but the recent choice of music that 90% of vidders are using is so awful to me I can't enjoy any of it. I loathe Enya type, Sarah McLaughlin type, Melissa Etheridge type music etc. so I decided to get on the stick and start doing stuff to what _I_ like..."[6]

""The Man Song" and "Detachable Penis" from Media Cannibals, on the #3 tape. Howlingly funny and, again, you do not need to be a fan of either show (Sentinel and Pros, respectively--not a fan of either) to "get" it. We show "Man Song" at Vidcon every year, I've seen it dozens of times and it's still funny. Oh, and also on that tape? The Bonanza theme used for Highlander. You need to get this tape.[7]


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