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Name: Melissa Etheridge
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Melissa Etheridge is a musician.

Etheride's music is most known in transformative media fandom as the base to numerous fanvids, songfic, RPF, and at least one filk.

Some X-Files Examples

X-Files fans frequently quoted or used Etheridge's music in their fanworks, specifically ones that had a Dana Scully focus.

Some fan comments:

As a fan who mostly read on Gossamer, then moved onto the various slash sites, I do remember a certain amount of DD/GA RPF on Gossamer itself, not sure if it is still there or not. Either one of those DD/GA stories or one with Scully being with Melissa Etheridge would have been nonny's first RPF story. [1]

The first X-Files related story I wrote was 'The Only One', and that was MSR and not too great, but inspired by Melissa Etheridge. The first Skinner-centric piece was Aislamiento II and I have no idea what inspired it. I just fell straight from my brain to my fingertips with no stops along the way. [2]

X-Files Fanworks with an Etheridge Slant

Other Fan Comments

[About being a captive audience at a convention vid show]: "I always go with such hope that something like "the man song" will pop up and make me smile! I love vids but the recent choice of music that 90% of vidders are using is so awful to me I can't enjoy any of it. I loathe Enya type, Sarah McLaughlin type, Melissa Etheridge type music etc. so I decided to get on the stick and start doing stuff to what _I_ like..." [3]

""crazy for me" is another melissa etheridge vid (yippee! and no cassie in sight!) and it's got some great clips for the lyrics. if you know this song (i did), you just blinked and said, "oh yes, that's *so* j/b!" (i did). *grin* [4]

Sample Fanworks

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