Don't You Need

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Title: Don't You Need
Creator: Morgan Dawn
Date: 1999
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
URL: streaming and download at AO3

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Don't You Need is an early Starsky & Hutch vid by Morgan Dawn.

It was first shown at the 1999 ZebraCon. It was also shown at the 2000 ZedCon and ZebraCon.

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Vidder's notes on the song choice, posted to the Vidder mailing list in 2000:

...last year we used "Don't You Need' by M Ethridge for a SH vid -- the song had been used (to better effect I thought) in Gayle and Tashery's "Blake's 7" vid many years ago. But since several years had past and it was a different fandom, Gayle & I both decided the music would not be "over-used". So time and distance can also reduce your risk of over-exposing a song.

Reactions and Reviews

Your vid, "Don't You Need," is *incredible* and blows me away every time I see it. It is complicated musically, thematically, and visually. For anyone who thinks this old fandom can't come up with new insights for any fandom media, you need to see this vid! [1]
The tape also contained Morgan Dawn's "Don't You Need" which blew my mind at Z-Con and still continues to give me this slow lurching feeling in my stomach. What a vid!"[2]
What do I like about "Don't you need?" Okay here goes. Of course it goes without saying that the song is terrific (had to buy a copy in the US by the way after I saw your vid at ZebraCon). But I particularly love the way you use "well used" scenes & put them into a different context. Scenes that usually flash up in the "sappy" love songs take on a whole new meaning when used as the backdrop for "DYN" lyrics."[3]


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