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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Forever
Author: NSyncGrrl
Dates: ?-November 2001
Fandom: 'N Sync
URL: (via Wayback)
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Forever was the site for NSyncGrrl's slash fanfiction. The page was taken offline sometime after November 2001.

Some of her stories are available in PDF format at her when there's no more FOREVER site that hosts the only archived versions of her 'N Sync slash.

I've broken the files up into what I figured most people would want to read — the two most popular series and the entire site. If you are looking for individual stories or other series, they are in the large file (listed first). Some of the stories have been removed because they are going to be rewritten into original fiction. If you are interested in reading them or my current gay or m/m writings, please visit my website (linked below).
Thanks for reading.
Zipped PDF files of my Fan-Fiction:
Most Everything -- a large download, 3.23 MB
All I Ever Wanted -- Justin/Lance series, 1.59 MB
The Way I Am -- JC/Eminem series, 171 KB

For other stories archived at Forever see author summaries below.


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The number after the story title is the number of individual files in that story.

All I Ever Wanted -- 225

The story that started it all. It's Justin and Lance and all of them intricately tied together in a plot that would be the envy of any cheesy soap opera, but it still seems to be my most popular story.

All That Glitters -- 33

Justin's been looking for something more than the glitter and glitz that surrounds them, something real. He finds it in Lance, who has dreamed of loving him for so long. But Justin has played the field in the past and Lance isn't sure he's ready to trust his friend now without some proof that he's not just the flavor of the week.

Best of Intentions -- 12

David and Marie have a plan that involves kidnapping Justin and holding him for ransom. Unfortunately, Lance manages to stumble in their way and well, it just goes downhill from there. Some people say this is a contrived story, but it sure was a hell of a lot of fun to write.

Shades of Gray -- in progress

I'm not sure how long this story will be. Basically Lance is in love with Justin. Justin has always liked Lance, and he's just now ready to admit it -- to himself, to Lance, to everyone. Well, everyone but his girlfriend, Britney. And JC seems hell-bent on keeping his friends apart.

Persistence of Memory -- 11

This is probably my favorite serial to date. It's set in the not too distant future, in a world where the military erases the memories of its soldiers. But one soldier has held onto his name, and he knows that someone somewhere knows who he is. He has to find that person and somehow get back all that he's lost, before it's too late.

No Place Like Home -- 12

Sometimes you need to be shown just how good your life is and how much you're in danger of losing before you throw it all away. Basically, this is The Wizard of Oz, 'N Sync style, and it's cheesy as hell but I think it's a fun read.

A Love Worth Fighting For -- 13

Another story set in a war-torn, military ruled future. Lance and Justin are Marines, and when Justin's missing in action, Lance doesn't believe the military will help him find his boy. So he goes AWOL in an attempt to bring him home.

Paper Tigers -- 16

Lance signs up for a volunteer mentor program at a local kids' shelter. There he's introduced to Justin, a wild, randy youth overflowing with a raw sensuality Lance finds attractive. But he doesn't want to take advantage of his "big brother" position and he pushes Justin away.

A Heart Divided -- 20

This should really be under the In Lifetimes Before section, but it turned into a much longer story than I anticipated. Set during the Civil War, Lance is a lieutenant in the Confederate Army who wants nothing more than to serve his duty. But a wounded soldier in the woods makes him realize that the lines between North and South are blurred, and he learns to whom his real duty lies.

Without Sin -- 34

Justin and Lance in Catholic school. I'd say more but I can't think of anything more to say.

Rock 'n Roll Dreams -- 24

Another AU, this one about the guys in a band. No, wait, this really is an AU, I promise! This isn't about a boy band! Come back!

Playing For Keeps -- 13

This is an "early 'N Sync" story, set during the group's first European tour. It's also a group story -- by that I mean it has all five flavors in it. Not that they all don't, but you know what I mean. Or rather, you will if you read the story!

Whatever It Takes -- 7

Basically, Justin and Lance are having problems in their relationship. Hmm, yeah, that's about it.

Crushed -- 24

Billy calls this my "affair story." Justin meets a boy he used to know at a friend's party and wants to get with him, no matter what the consequences.

In Lifetimes Before

When there's no more FOREVER.jpg

A series of AU stories setting the guys of 'N Sync in different places and times throughout history.

Soldier Boy

Set during the Vietnam War, this story was my first AU and still holds a special place in my heart. Lance and Justin are both soldiers in the US Army, stationed outside of Saigon. (not a regular "happy ever after" tale)

Wanted Man

This story takes place in the Wild West. I love this setting -- I have this thing for westerns. Lance is a member of Crazy Chris's gang of renegade cattle rustlers, and Justin is passing through town on his way to California. (not a regular "happy ever after" tale)

No Apologies

Set in Pearl Harbor on that infamous day back in December of 1941, this story is one I had a lot of fun researching, going so far as to tour an actual battleship that served during WWII. I know you're a little leery of it but look, no star, so that means it must end well, no?

All For Love

I started out writing fantasy, and this story harkens back to those stories I used to write, complete with a medieval setting and knights and whatnot. It's not very accurate historically because I was aiming for a fantasy story when I started it, but when I finished I thought it should go here. Why not, you know?

The Ghost of You and Me

This is kind of a ghost story and could go here or in the Working Man section, as it has the guys working as re-enactors at a historical park. But since it seems like it's set in Colonial America, I stuck it here.

For the Boys

The year is 1951 and UN forces are entrenched in a bitter conflict in the foothills of Korea. The USO travels to the front to entertain the troops and keep their spirits up in the adverse conditions. And one lonely soldier falls for a pretty boy up on the stage.

Working Man

A series of AU stories where the guys of 'N Sync hold various jobs in the "real world."

Café de l'Amour

I don't know where this story came from, but it started a trend, don't you think? Justin works as a barista at a local café, and Lance is a businessman who stops in for a cup of coffee.

On the Job

Three years at a cable company prompted this story. They say write what you know, so I did. Lance is the service tech who goes to install cable at Justin's home.

Order Up

I worked in a deli two summers -- sense a pattern here? Justin's out of school for the summer and sees a "Help Wanted" sign at Hoagie Joe's. Guess who's behind the counter?

Car Trouble

Businessman Lance (sounds like an action figure) is having problems with his car. His receptionist just happens to suggest a place where Justin works as a mechanic, and when Lance brings his car in, he's the only one on duty.

Closing Time

I get a lot of flak about this story, but I happen to like it so if you don't, I don't want to hear it. It's Valentine's Day and Lance is cleaning the bar after hours when Justin walks in. Seems his car has broken down ...

Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams

I've always loved the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey, which is the setting of this story. Justin works at an ice cream parlor and Lance works at the pizzeria down the boards.

Pleasure Cruise

Ever see those ads for employment on cruise ships? Can you think of a more enjoyable job? Justin decides to take his roommate up on the offer of a cruise during winter break, where he meets Lance.

Pipe Dreams

Lance's roommate clogs the kitchen sink, and Justin's the plumber who answers their call. I like this story, probably more than all of the others, just because it came out of nowhere and surprised the hell out of me.

At the Office

Lance works in tech support for a software company, and he's got the hots for a boy he sees one day while on break. But he doesn't know who the guy is, and he keeps getting calls from the new kid in development who seems to have taken a liking to him.

Lunch Break

Justin's a stock boy at the grocery where Lance and his friends stop for lunch one day.

Business Trip

Justin has to go to a customer service workshop for the catalog order company he works with, and he hates the idea until he finds out that Lance in sales is going to go with him.

At Your Service

Justin's a waiter at TGIFriday's, and Lance is too shy to ask for his number. Luckily Britney's with him ... isn't that what girlfriends are for?

The Boy is Mine

This one's a little different than the other Working Man stories in that Justin and Lance are already together. Justin works at a petroleum company, and a few girls in the office are at war to see which one can make him theirs. Too bad he's already taken.

Happy Anniversary

After ten years together, Justin stops by Lance's work to surprise him with an anniversary luncheon.

Speed Trap

Let's just say Justin has a lead foot, and it's not Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltraine in that squad car behind him.

Don't Be Late

Justin always is, and Lance calls to remind him that he needs to come home early today.

Double Standard

Lance has it bad for the new guy in his department. Trouble is, he's management and not supposed to get with one of his own employees, even though the president of the company can do it.

Hands Off

There's a new guy at Lance's work and Justin doesn't like the fact that his boyfriend is left alone with him to close up.

Short Stories

Hollow Man

I love this story, which might be egotistical but tough shit. I wrote it, you know? Justin's insecure about himself, his career, and his relationship with Lance, who is a hard man to love.

Picture Postcards

This story came to me while listening to Joshua Kadison's song, "Picture Postcards from L.A." The band broke up shortly after Justin's marriage to Britney, but a one-night stand with Lance has haunted him ever since. Lance doesn't realize that Justin has feelings for him until he gets a postcard from his friend after he's convinced himself that they're better off apart.

There Is No Arizona

Another "after the band disbands" story. Lance sends Justin a letter that brings back a flood of memories, and when Justin never hears from him again, he tracks down the return address in the hopes of finding something he lost long ago when they fell out of touch. (no regular "happy ever after" tale)

Lover's Cross

Hmm, how to explain? There's an accident, but Justin's doing fine. Or is he? This was an attempt to try my hand at a plot technique I first encountered when I read a book called The Other by Thomas Tryon. (no regular "happy ever after" tale)

Endless Summer

Sort of a Dirty Dancing meets 'N Sync, or so I've been told. Lance's mother insists on one last family vacation at the resort by the lake. There he meets Justin, a dance instructor who teaches Lance more than he ever hoped to learn.

Strong Enough

This is my favorite story that I've written, and even though it's sad, I don't think it has a sad ending. Justin's been married to Britney for ten years when his world comes crumbling apart. The only one strong enough to hold Justin and his two children together is Lance, who steps in when no one else is there.


The tour was too much for Lance, and it strained his relationship with Justin to the breaking point. Now he wants Justin back, and Justin thinks it was all his fault in the first place because he wasn't there when Lance needed him the most.

Sea Change

This is a strange tale, I don't know what else to say about it. It was loosely inspired by a poem called "Krinken" by Eugene Field and sounds like a lot of my stories and poems I wrote before I started writing slash. Lance lives on a lonely stretch of beach where it never rains and the sun never shines, not since he lost half his soul. But when the rains come again, they bring with them memories of the boy with the summer smile.

Toy Soldiers

The title for this story comes from a song, "Toy Soldiers," by Martika. While on tour, Justin discovers that Lance is hiding something from him. He's afraid to confront his boyfriend, though, and tells himself he'll step in when things get too deep.

I'll Take the Rain

Another story whose title comes from a song, this one "I'll Take the Rain" by REM. I suck at descriptions so until I think of one just read the damn story.

My Words

People ask where I get my ideas. I don't always know. But for this story I was driving home and flipping radio stations and heard a song by Blues Traveler. It made me think of my favorite song of theirs, "Sweet Pain," and the line about Cyrano de Bergerac. And that's where this story came from. Cyrano à la 'N Sync.

The Last Thing on My Mind

Okay so I'm driving to work the other morning and I almost run off the road, and then I think if I'm going to die, I might as well hit another car and take someone out with me, and one thought led to another and here's what I came up with. Remember I'm not saying it's the best thing I ever wrote. Hell, I'm not even sure it makes sense. But who cares?

In Control

It's not who you think.

World Enough and Time

An apocalyptic tale, and I know it probably doesn't make much sense but I like it so there.

Navigator's Log

An AU set on a distant Earth devastated by disease.

We're Not Fighting

Wade's cousin takes a liking to Justin, and he can't see what Lance's problem is about that.

One More Try

When the band broke up, Lance told Justin he loved him. They spent one night together and then Justin left. Lance has been trying to get over that for the past six years and thinks he's succeeded until his friend comes back again, looking for another chance.

For a Good Time Call

An AU set at a comic book convention that shows you just how much of a comic book geek I really am.


Just a little story, something sad because that's how I was feeling when I wrote it. I sort of got the idea while listening to the song "Melancholy Blue" by Trisha Yearwood. (no regular "happy ever after" tale)

You Think We Don't

This is an odd story, mostly done as an experiment in point of view, so if you get lost in it, blame me. Basically, Justin's afraid of telling Lance how he feels and Lance thinks as long as they don't talk about it, neither of them will get hurt. This is another story idea I got from a song -- "If I Wanted To" by Melissa Etheridge this time.


Justin's not sure if he's ready to take his relationship with Lance to the next level.

You've Got Mail

Or, Justin and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. One of Lance's friends is sending him stories in his email, only they're not really all that fictitious and he can't figure out who it might be.


The Way I Am -- JC/Eminem series in progress

A series of stories pairing JC and Eminem. Don't look at me like that -- give it a try. It's ungodly popular, for some strange reason.

Devil of a Night -- JC/Joey short story

On a trip back from Atlantic City, Joey tells JC the legend of the Jersey Devil. JC doesn't believe there's any truth to the tale until they almost hit a man on a lonely stretch of road that runs right through the Pine Barrens. When they get out of the car, however, there's no one there ... A lame attempt at horror, I know, but it's not my forte.

Star Wars: Bounty of the Heart -- JC/Eminem/AJ McLean short story

Take two boy band members and a rapper, toss them into the Star Wars universe, stir 'em up and dump 'em out and see what you get. In this case, Joshua and Marshall are bounty hunters after Gardulla the Hutt, but they run into Marshall's old partner Alex on Tatooine, who's after a bounty of his own.

Something Different -- JC/Fred Durst short story

Something way different. I thought of this story the night I got drunk at the 'N Sync concert. JC's a little depressed and in an effort to cheer him up, Chris and Joey drag him to a Limp Bizkit concert. Somehow he ends up having more fun than he expected.

Sunshine and Flowers -- JC/Eminem scene story

Folken sent me the subscriber's cover of the 'N Sync issue of Rolling Stone magazine and so I wrote her a story. This is it. JC and Eminem and a title she wanted me to use because she said she wanted something happy. Just to clarify things, this isn't part of The Way I Am -- it's just a little ditty about two boys, that's it.

Seven Minutes in Heaven -- JC/AJ McLean scene story

Another day in the life in the All I Ever Wanted universe. Backstage at the 2001 Video Music Awards after 'N Sync's performance. And I bet it's not about who you think it's about.