Breathe (Supernatural vid)

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Title: Breathe (Supernatural vid)
Creator: mkitty3
Date: April 2006
Format: WMV
Length: 2:44 MINUTES
Music: "Breathe" by Melissa Etheridge
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: youtube streaming low res; Youtube streaming hi res 1; youtube streaming high res 2 & vid announcement (archived version)

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Breathe is a Supernatural fanvid by mkitty3. It was reviewed by wolfling on June 20, 2006 at the reel vidding community. It was the vidder's first Supernatural vid and it won several awards, including the Lawrence Awards and a Driver Picks the Music Awards.

Vidder's Summary: Dean longs for home again. A home only Sam can give him.


  • "A nicely put together look at the angst under Dean's surface with a special focus on how so much of him is caught up in Sam."~ feedback, Archived version at the reel review.
  • "Okay, this is the first SPN vid to get me all choked up. What a wonderful way of *showing* just how much Dean loves Sam, how much Sam means to him, how seriously he takes his role of Brother/Protector." ~feedback at the vidder's LJ post.
  • "This was good. This was, actually, very good. Caught my eye immediately (it helps I loved Melissa Elthridge's voice), the scenes were long enough we could identify them without being too long they dragged (or too short they give me a whiplash). The clips also reminded me just how beautiful these guys are and how much they use their facial expressions to express a mood... I noticed only maybe one effect (the Impala driving away and Sam turning back towards us on that road in Scarecrow) so I was not overwhelmed by the XF (another petpeeves of mine... effects being good but they should NOT overwhelm the story... yours were just right)."~feedback at the vidder's LJ post.