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Synonym(s)Pre-Reform Vulcan, Pre-Surak Vulcan
Related tropes/genresslavefic, pon farr, time travel
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To set a story on Ancient Vulcan is a popular story trope in Star Trek fanfic. These stories feature a Vulcan society without their emotional control, and often quite savage, though not necessarily primitive (it can be technologically advanced or have smaller scale societies with tribal barbarians). This can be either real Vulcan in the past at any point before Surak and Vulcan's Reform towards peace, some kind of alternate universe (mirror universes, parallel universes etc.) or a society of Vulcanoid people who are living on another planet (e.g. TNG's "Who Watches the Watchers" or those Spock mentions in TOS' "Return to Tomorrow" as having been seeded by the Preservers), or a faction of Vulcans who colonized the planet in the past.

In the original Star Trek series, the episode All Our Yesterdays had Spock and McCoy accidentally going through a time portal on the planet Sarpeidon, ending up in that world's ice age. While they were there, Spock began to behave in an increasingly irrational manner, agreeing to eat meat when there was no other food, falling in love with the woman who rescued them, and almost killing McCoy when he intervened. McCoy reminded Spock they were now 5,000 years in the past, and suggested that he was reverting to a savage state because it was how his ancestors were at this time.

Some fan fiction and profic published work such as Diane Duane's Spock's World simply explores Vulcan's past. Sometimes, "today's" characters end up encountering Ancient Vulcan. This is often used as vehicle for h/c or slavefic. In stories with sexual situations this can be used to get a Vulcan character (especially Spock, but also Tuvok) to become more emotional,[1] facilitating the pairing of choice. It can be easily combined with pon farr fic too.

Example Fanworks

The Original Series

Alternate Original Series, a.k.a. Star Trek (2009)




  1. ^ Established in canon in the TOS episode All Our Yesterdays.