Narda Roushdi

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Name: Narda Roushdi
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Narda Roushdi is an American artist. She contributed a poem to Spockanalia 5 in 1969. Called "Septyar", it describes a beautiful Ancient Vulcan crown and its jewels.

Narda was born in Berkeley, California. Her father, Adli Roushdi, a native of Cairo, Egypt, came to the U.S. to attend UC-Berkeley, where he met and married Narda's mother.

Narda says "My paintings are my attempt to understand the world that he left behind; a world which is very different from the one that my mother knew. I have been working primarily from photographs my father has sent me. I work in egg tempera on heavy paper with some collage." [1]

Besides her art, Narda teaches preschool at Step One. She is a champion bicyclist[2] and participates in the Berkeley Bike Club along with a group she started with her husband, the Berzerkley Bicycle Club. She's won medals in the U.S. National Cycling Championship, the National Road Race and the extremely difficult National Criterium along with the Northern California District Road Race championships.[3]


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