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A metavid is a songvid about vidding or, more broadly speaking, a vid about fandom (or in some cases, specific tropes of a fandom or of vidding/vidders). One early metavid, Pressure (~1990) by Sterling Eidolan and The Odd Woman Out depicts three vidders making a VCR vid over the course of a single weekend.

Another earlier metavid poked fun at the Highlander fandom and its vidders. At the height of Highlander's popularity, especially of the Duncan/Methos slash pairing, dozens and dozens of vids were created using the same extremely limited amount of footage of the two characters together. (One scene in particular, a shot of Duncan painting Methos's nose with white paint, became a point of annoyance with a lot of viewers.) The Media Cannibals (Alexfandra in particular, ~1999) made use of the overuse to create It's All Been Done, showing how everything in Highlander vids had "all been done before."

Notable Metavids

Vids that are "classic" metavids in the sense that they talk about fandom

Vids that have extra layers of analysis beyond a typical vid but are not explicitly about fandom


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