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Synonyms: Time Loop, Groundhog Day AU
Related: Fix-it, Dream Within a Dream
See Also: Time Travel, Time Turner
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Groundhog Day is a fanfic and canon trope where a character (usually only one character) is caught in a time loop, doomed to repeat a period of time (often exactly one day) over and over, until something is corrected. The trope is named for the film Groundhog Day, which established the trope in popular culture.

It's a fairly rare fanfic trope, but if done it's usually for a light/fluffy kind of work inspired by the film, or it's often done as a fix-it for a certain episode or scene in a series where fans prefer ignore or fix whatever happened.

Canon Examples

Fanwork Examples

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The Avengers Movieverse:

Harry Potter:

Hawaii Five-0

The Hobbit

  • Many Paths by flakedice Bilbo/Thorin - Bilbo wakes up in Dale. With the memory of a battle won but lives lost, he finds an army of Men and Elves readying to attack Erebor. Bilbo tries to save his dwarves. Again and again.
  • The World Spins Madly On by thedisgruntledone (Bilbo & Thorin) Caught in a cycle that centers on just a few months - those spent traveling with the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, Bilbo has to figure out how to stop time from resetting, and maybe, if he's very, very lucky, manage to change a few things for the better along the way.


  • Quickening Days by Fahye, Merlin/Arthur, In which dragons & ghosts & prejudices are confronted, Merlin wears a hat (twice) and a dress (once), Arthur breaks some crockery (lots), there are more pranks than pillowfights but at least one of each, and many secrets are revealed.

One Direction:



  • A general Meme on Tumblr generally appears on Tuesdays in light of the fact that it's the day Sam repeated hundreds of times. See the side gif for an example, for a few other examples, look here.

Daredevil (TV Series):

  • Rocky Horror Pancake Show by ChuckleVoodoos: Set in an Alternate Universe in which everyone gets a "glitch" once in their lives which allows them to repeat a certain day up to five times in order to make it better, and then continue to live in one of the realities. Foggy gets his glitch on the day of the Hell's Kitchen bombings, and sets out to save the city.
  • When The Day Met The Night by goldstandard: This is your typical, average, Groundhog Day AU where Foggy has to re-live the day he discovers who the Devil of Hell's Kitchen really is.