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Name: Edge of Tomorrow
Abbreviation(s): EOT
Creator: Doug Liman (director)
Date(s): June 6, 2014
Medium: film
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official site
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Edge of Tomorrow is a 2014 science fiction film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. It is based on the light novel All You Need Is Kill and features a time loop where the protagonist is sent back in time every time he dies.


"The epic action of this sci-fi thriller unfolds in a near-future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault ,unbeatable by any military unit in the world.Major William Cage (Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously dropped into what amounts to a suicide mission. Killed within minutes, Cage now finds himself inexplicably thrown into a time loop—forcing him to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying again…and again.But with each battle, Cage becomes able to engage the adversaries with increasing skill, alongside Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski(Blunt). And, as Cage and Rita take the fight to the aliens, each repeated encounter gets them one step closer to defeating the enemy."[1]


The fandom is primarily het. The most popular ship is William Cage/Rita Vrataski, and Hendricks/Rita Vrataski also has a small following.

Despite being a small fandom (less than 100 works on AO3 as of May 2020), Edge of Tomorrow is recognized as a fusion tag. Further, roughly a third of the works on for Edge of Tomorrow on AO3 are crossovers or fusions.[2]

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