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Name: Hanako Games
Creator: Georgina Bensley
Medium: video games
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
External Links: Official website
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Hanako Games is an indie game manufacturer created by Georgina Bensley, which specializes in developing romance games with female protagonists (otome games). Georgina interacts frequently with fans through the official forums and her twitter account,[1] and has a notably positive attitude towards fanworks, including fanfic. Because Hanako games specialize in branching storylines and multiple endings, they tend to encourage fans of a particular ending to continue it in fic or art. This is particularly true of one of the romance paths in Magical Diary: Horse Hall. Hanako's official forums have a fan works subforum where fans are encouraged to post art and fic.[2]

Most games have romantic arcs, whether as a central feature of the game or a sub-plot. Hanako games are notable in that there is usually at least one female love interest that can be pursued by the female protagonist.

Hanako Games is affiliated with several other indie game-makers, like Winter Wolves, MoaCube and Christine Love.


  • Cute Knight, a fantasy-themed half RPG, half raising sim with multiple endings.
  • Cute Knight Kingdom, the spiritual sequel to Cute Knight, featuring a new protagonist.
  • Fatal Hearts, a mystery-themed visual novel.
  • Magical Diary: Horse Hall, a raising sim with dungeons set in a magical school.
  • Long Live the Queen, a princess raising sim centered around intrigue and plotting.
  • The Royal Trap, an intrigue-themed text-heavy romantic visual novel.

Notable fanworks

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