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Name: Mob Psycho 100 モブサイコ100 (Mobu Saiko Hyaku)
Abbreviation(s): MP100
Creator: ONE
Date(s): 2012-2017 (webcomic), 2016-present (anime)
Medium: webcomic, anime
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Official anime website (in Japanese)
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Mob Psycho 100 is a Japanese webcomic created by ONE that tells the story of Mob, a middle school boy with powerful psychic abilities.


The original webcomic is drawn in ONE's signature simplistic, unpolished style. An anime television adaptation by Bones premiered in 2018.

Shigeo Kageyama is an average middle school boy, nicknamed Mob (モブ Mobu) (meaning "background character") for lacking a sense of presence. Although he looks like an inconspicuous person, he is in fact a powerful esper. Mob wants to live a normal life just like the others, but a barrage of trouble keeps coming after him. With the suppressed emotions growing inside Mob little by little, his power threatens to break through its limits.



Fanart is very popular in the fandom. Fanfiction is commonly Gen.

Redraw Reigen was a very popular hashtag and meme in that fandom, which involved fan art of Reigen mimicking a variety of awkward stock photographs, memes, or other humorous images.

Alternate Universes and Crossovers

AUs are common. The three which are probably most popular are Reverse Age AU, Same Age AU and Attic AU- the latter being inspired by a fanfic named A Breach of Trust (see fanworks.) There are other common Alternate Universes as well, like genderbends.

Esper!Tsubomi was a fan-theory and AU when the webcomic's final chapters were close to being published.

Crossovers with One Punch Man and My Hero Academia are fairly common.


The fandom is full of shipping and anti-shipping. Most of the pairings are male/male. Common controversial pairings are Mob and Reigen, Mob and Ritsu. Other common but less controversial ships are Mob and Teru, Ritsu and Shou, Reigen and Serizawa. There are also somewhat smaller ships like Reigen and Dimple.

While Mob canonically has a crush on Tsubomi, she rarely features in any fanworks. She is sometimes headcanoned as a lesbian to give her an "acceptable" reason to be uninterested in Mob. Het works are rare, aside from selfships, probably because there are very few canon female characters.


Ship Wars

Reimob and Ritsumob are both controversial ships in the fandoms, with large amounts of fanworks but also hate. Ekurei (Dimple/Reigen) also drew discourse for being problematic, with some stating the age gap is unhealthy or that the ship is otherwise abusive. There is some fighting between Ekurei and Serirei shippers.

Mogami Arc Response

The Mogami Arc was massively hyped up by manga-readers to anime-onlys. Nippoisalien made a gif the day before the episode aired.[4] Manga readers would vaguely reference trauma, suffering and "the cat," but the anime adaptation removed the cat-killing scene and toned down the violence against Shigeo as well. Manga readers tended to think the anime was rushed and not as satisfying. Some anime-onlys then began calling dissatisfied readers "creepy" and other negative terms.

After thinking about it more and reading comments from non manga readers I think that the manga and anime definitely handled the mogami arc differently. I’m seeing a lot of “best ep of the year” and praise from non manga readers, and a lot of “it feels rushed” from manga readers. I definitely feel that if you read the manga, the impact of the mogami arc was huge– it went on forever, it was painful, the suffering didn’t end. The suffering in the anime was definitely watered down. Manga readers who were expecting the same level of disturbing shock value came away confused, as did I. To what I’m assuming is limits on the violence that they could show as well as time restraints, the anime definitely lacks the build up in mogami world to mob’s breaking point. I’m particularly disapointed how they introduced the fact that mob had been in mogami’s world for 6 months, having mogami mention it instead really didn’t have as much as an effect as the foreboding black panel did.


Knowing the source material, this ep does feel slightly more like a tribute than an exact adaptation, but, if the feedback so far is any indicator, bones was able to cut out a fair amount while still making an amazing episode that stands on its own for people that haven’t read the manga. The biggest problem for manga readers lies in the fact that the intense emotional buildup isn’t quite there. Knowing the depth buildup in the manga, and not seeing that played out here, leads the second half of this ep to be less satisfying than it could’ve been. Non-manga readers are less likely to experience this problem since the depth of buildup shown might be just enough, that not knowing what they’ve missed, the payoff seems worth it.


Ok, they left out some of the worst stuff like how they actually killed the cat and the stabbing, and Mob basically trying to commit murder, BUT DAMN IF THIS EPISODE WASN’T GODLY. Oh my god, just that animation. I could watch this on repeat for forever. JUST the art of this EP was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I’m so happy with how it turned out. If anyone dares to say Bones isn’t outdoing itself with this season, come bite my ass cuz you’re not fucking paying attention. Leaving most of the shocking scenes out is to be expected anyway, since this is airing on tv. It was already painful to watch as it was.


while the animation in the final battle was ungodly levels of sakuga, i feel like they really rushed the rest of the arc and toned down the bullying too much. like they really needed a full 3 episodes for the mogami arc as opposed to 2 like i honestly wish they’d left the cat scene, mogami’s suicide, and asigiri stabbing mob in. it doesn’t have the same impact without those things. it doesn’t count as cheap shock value if there’s an actual valid reason for it to be included


i know the anime glazed and skipped over a lot of the more disturbing parts of the mogami arc but im… glad for that

i dont want to see the bullying and physical + mental torture of a 14 year old animated. there are some scenes that were really brutal and my little cousin whos 8 loves the show and i dont want him to have to look at that.

yes it takes away some of the heavy impact that the manga version had but im glad and you should be too? you shouldnt want to watch a 14 year old kid get beaten and kicked around and have him watch a cat die “because of him” and so forth.

all in all theres a lot bones cut out and at first when the mogami arc was kickstarting i was disappointed at how quickly it was passing by/how rushed it felt in comparison to the manga because of how impactful the arc is and how heavy it is but…. im just glad that they didnt decide to animate it, as “rushed” as it is. there are more arcs to come and though the mogami arc fucked with mobs head and explored his psyche and character, the anime has enough for it to still be understandable and for the message to go through without watching the brutal kicking down of a kid.

the show is about happiness and becoming a good person and so forth and that can be felt even without those scenes and im gonna be frank with you its kinda creepy to see people go “aw im disappointed those r the scenes i wanted to see animated most…”


It’s actually kinda funny how at first we were all panicking about the mogami arc and how emotionally devastating it would be and now we’re complaining that we didn’t actually get more of it in the anime


Please stop it with this divide I’m already seeing in the tags, like ‘manga-readers WANTED to see mob tortured and bullied’, but also how 'anime-onlys are now OBLIGATED to read the manga because they won’t understand the true depth’, and blah blah blah…

We all enjoyed the episode, yeah?

Manga-readers are not saying that they wanted mob hurt, they are saying that from a literary perspective, a lot of info was cut. Info that becomes relevant in later arcs, info directly linked to Mob’s very critical character development, including stuff that will show up later THIS SEASON! Okay? Nobody wants to see mob sad and beaten. No one. What we wanted was for the anime to respect the manga, like it’s been doing for so long up until this arc. But we understand that the Mogami Arc had a LOT of buildup in order to secure that AMAZING payoff, and Studio Bones kinda just seemed to wanna skip to the payoff, from our perspective. That’s all.

And, anime-onlys, you are absolutely NOT obligated to read the manga. Is it amazing and could definitely give you more info? Yes, but not any more so than most adaptations. You got the gist of the info you needed in the anime. If you feel you want more, then go for the manga! But the anime itself is already a treasure, and this episode proved that studio wanted to show off just how much THEY love this show as much as we do! They did all that FOR US. and they loved every second of it, too. Please go nuts and post lots of gifs, because we all love them~~

So no more of this pointless fighting, especially when we all love the same thing. We’re suffering together after all, remember?


A Breach of Trust

A Breach of Trust is one of the most popular fanworks in the Mob Psycho 100 fandom, but the author and its fans were harassed because the fic contains child abuse.


On tumblr, it was common for characters like Mob, Reigen and Ritsu to be headcanoned as ace by ace people. Some people even interpreted Reigen as canonically ace due to a line where he asks Dimple if romance needs to be accompanied by sexual desire. When it came to Mob, ace discourse often intersected with autism discourse.


In the fandom, it was common for white people to call Reigen a "rat" even though that word had been used as a slur against Japanese people in America's past. Many people of color spoke against this trend.[1] Reigen was also often subjected to whitewashing in the fandom. It was so common that some people were unaware that Reigen is canonically Japanese.[2]

Another cause of race-related discourse involved people drawing characters with darker-than-canon skin. Some argued this was racist while others saw it as anti-racist. Serirei fans were often criticized for drawing Serizawa as fat and dark-skinned with a thin white Reigen.[3][4]

i cannot help but be wary of plp who ship serirei since a bunch use the 'hunga bunga hairy darker skinned top serizawa' and the 'uwu smol white twink bottom reigen' when theyre both the same skin shade in canon so im just hmmm[5]

The way the mp100 artists only draw Serizawa with darkskin when he was homeless or whatever but then draw him with light skin when he got cleaned up is really telling. This is honestly digsusting and racist how y’all do this and I hope y’all clowns clean your act up soon.[6]

Cafe Collaboration

In 2019, a piece of official art was released to announce a collaboration between Mob Psycho 100 and a cafe. The art depicted the cast with realistic-looking toy guns. Some western fans were upset by this and criticized it for being violent or military propaganda.

ah yes child soldiers are…terrific marketing…


Who watched mp100 and thought "yes, this is a good show about kindness and not hurting others...but what if they had guns"


I have so many things to do today and I am stressed out by my current commute situation, I look to MP100 for calm and instead BONES GAVE EVERYONE GUNS I'M STILL DISTRAUGHT OVER THIS



I don't get the panic or dislike or the wtf moment for the new mp100 art/merch, isn't the theme survival game? Isn't it like paint ball with toy guns


it’s the fact that the guns are styled after real guns cbcbbcbcbxv. idk if that’s standard for airguns tho? I’ve only ever gone paint balling and those guns all look the same


Fictionkin of Mob Psycho 100 characters were very common after the anime's first season aired. There were even a couple of tumblr blogs dedicated solely to Mob Psycho 100 kin, but they have since been deleted. Just a few posts from mp100kinfessions were archived on the Wayback Machine:

terumob stuff honestly makes me really uncomfortable... i never liked him that way... and he.. really hurt me, a lot. i had nightmares for weeks after our fight. i did forgive him, i just... the thought of being in a romantic relationship with him makes me feel really icky. i wish there was more non shippy stuff in this fandom. -mob

I'm Mobkin and I have very distinct memories of having sexual relations with my Master but so many people tell reimob shippers to kill themselves and I'm really invalidated and terrified... I don't even look at that kind of things but my memories are so vivid... I cannot help it...

I'm mob kin and I drink milk even though I'm lactose intolerant I've been sent to the doctor twice but I can't help it and almond milk tastes bad :(

Im a Reigen and for some reason I feel like Mogami and I had something unfinished to talk about. But I cant find any Mogami kins, or even remember what was left I needed to speak to him for. This bothers me.

As well as being Reigen kin I am also kin of Age! Swap Reigen! My Shishou was the best man ever!! He kept me out of fights and always took my cigarettes... I really looked up yo him but I'm not sure what happened, he disappeared on day and Im worried

There are also some kin posts on the general fictionkin confessions blog, fictionkinfessions:

im mob from mob psycho 100 and the main ship w me in the fandom is terumob and it makes me really uncomfortable because teru literally abused and traumatized me in my canon and i hate that i cant look for nice content without seeing it

I'm kin of Mob from Mob Psycho 100 and i sometimes worry that i'm fake because I wasn't close to Ritsu in my canon, He and our parents didn't like me, I spent almost all of my time with Reigen. Even if pretty much everyone kin with Mob wasn't uncomfortable with doubles, I'd still feel like I couldn't talk to any of them.

koyama from mob psycho 100 here and. wow, my canon was RADICALLY different from the in-show canon. there goes any chance of finding canonmates! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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