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Synonyms: Ageswap, Age Swap
Related: De-Aging and Aged Up
See Also: Role Reversal
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Ageswap Mob Psycho 100 fan art by torifalls

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A Reverse Age AU or Ageswap AU is when older characters are made younger and younger ones made older. This can affect the plot and relationships of a story in significant ways.

This trope commonly involves the De-Aging and Aged Up tropes.

It often involves swapping life experience or professions as well as age. For example, in a Yuri on Ice AU, Yuuri Katsuki may be the more successful (and perhaps older) professional skater whom Victor Nikiforov idolizes, flipping their canon relationship dynamic. Character traits such as Yuuri's insecurity and anxiety may be given to Victor due to his inexperience.

Popular Fandoms

Example Fanworks

  • Fanboy by arkhamcycle, Victuuri, In which Viktor is 15 and writes Wattpad self-insert RPF about himself and Yuuri, and all hell breaks loose.
  • Capriccio by Archaeopteryx (Mob Psycho 100) – Kageyama "Mob" Shigeo vanished at the age of ten, never to be seen again. Ten years later, Kageyama Ritsu meets another ten-year-old, this one with an irresistible urge to mess with supernatural forces he really, really shouldn't. As annoying as he might find Reigen Arataka, he can't let history repeat itself.

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