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Synonyms: #RedrawReigen
Date Started: September 28 2016
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See Also: #RedrawReigen on Twitter
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#RedrawReigen is a Twitter hashtag and meme in Mob Psycho 100 fandom associated with fan art of Reigen Arataka mimicking a variety of awkward stock photographs, memes, or other humorous images.

It was created by Twitter user DoonaDraws on September 18th, 2016 and quickly became viral. Many articles were written about it and even ONE, the creator of Mob Psycho 100, noticed it and said he was glad.

The hashtag was not limited to Twitter. On Tumblr, many people contributed and a blog called redrawreigenarchive began reblogging many of them in 2019. The archive became inactive September 26th, 2019, having previously cited the fandom's toxicity as the reason for quitting.

The new OVA comes out in one month, September 25th. For a long time now I’ve been increasingly uncomfortable with most parts of the mp100 fandom so I’ve decided I will continue sharing redraws until the OVA comes out and the few days afterward. So if you want to draw stuff or reblog things for/from here, you might want to do it sooner rather than later. I still really love Mob but the fandom is way too racist + ableist + otherwise toxic for me to have fun interacting with it anymore.

Another archive of redraw reigens still exists on tumblr, however, simply titled redraw-reigen.[1]

A redraw reigen zine raised $1,569.56 for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.[1]

Variations of the #Redrawreigen meme using other characters exist within the fandom and in other ones, too.



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