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Self-shipping or selfshipping is to ship oneself with a canon character. Selfshippers may draw themselves with their "F/O" (fictional other) or commission others to do so. They may also write fanfiction with their F/O and a self-insert. Selfshippers do not all identify as fictoromantic/fictosexual but many do.

There is an active self-shipping community on Tumblr, such as the blog fuck-yeah-selfships.

In Japanese fandom, the term "夢女子" (yumejoshi, "dreaming girl") is used by female self-shippers. There is a community on Reddit relating to this called r/yumejoshi.

Selfshipping is also used in Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom to mean the ship of Hao the Supreme King/Yuuki Judai.[1][2]

Discourse and Selflovingly Community

At some point on tumblr, discourse started on what was and wasn't acceptable in the world of selfshipping. Some common complaints were adults with minor F/Os or other age gaps, such as an older teenager and younger teenager. Another issue was people with sexist or otherwise bigoted F/Os.[3]

All of this led to the creation of the Selflovingly community.[4] The Selflovingly community banned cishets posting in the tag, F/Os from racist canons, age gap relationships and other things. The community was criticized for being controlling and hostile by selfshippers.[5] However, others defended the Selflovingly community, saying they "do not agree with what the self ship community is and has become."[1][Dead link]

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