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Name: Javert
Occupation: Prison guard, police officer
Title/Rank: Inspector
Location: France
Status: Deceased
Relationships: Unnamed fortune teller (mother), Unnamed convict (father)
Fandom: Les Misérables
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Javert is a major character in and the primary antagonist of Les Misérables. He is also commonly known as Inspector Javert.



Common Tropes, Fanon & Themes

Javert/Jean Valjean is the most popular Valjean ship in the fandom, and one of, but not the most popular, Les Mis ships overall. In the Valvert fandom, Javert is generally treated sympathetically, while he is mainly used as a villain in the Les Amis side of the fandom. However, there are exceptions and overlaps to this rule.


While Javert is almost always portrayed by white actors, in the novel Javert is heavily implied to be at least half Romani. His Romani heritage is sometimes explored in fanfic and fan art. This is sometimes controversial, as not all fans agree on this interpretation of Javert’s race, and find it problematic for the main antagonist to be the only person of color.

First Name

As he is never given a first name in the novel, Javert's first name is the subject of much speculation and joking in the fandom.


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