Javert/Jean Valjean

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Pairing: Javert/Jean Valjean
Alternative name(s): Valvert, J/JVJ
Gender category: M/M, slash
Fandom: Les Misérables
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common
Other: Enemyslash
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Javert/Jean Valjean, commonly known as Valvert, is a common slash pairing in the Les Misérables fandom.


Jean Valjean is the main protagonist, while Javert is the main antagonist in Les Misérables. They first encounter each other while Valjean is imprisoned at the Bagne of Toulon, where Javert is working as a guard. This leads him to recognize Valjean after he breaks parole when he is working as an Inspector under Valjean, who has become a Mayor under a false name in the town of Montreuil-sur-Mer. Valjean is later forced to flee Montreuil-sur-Mer as a consequence of this. They encounter each other again in Paris during the June Rebellion of 1832. Javert has been captured by revolutionaries at the barricades, where Valjean has snuck in to rescue his adoptive daughter, Cosette's love, Marius Pontmercy. Valjean asks permission from the leader of the revolutionaries, Enjolras, to execute Javert. Valjean then takes Javert to an alleyway, where, much to Javert's surprise, Valjean releases him. This causes a moral crisis in Javert's mind. He is unable to arrest Valjean, as his duty requires. Unable to satisfactorily solve this dilemma, he commits suicide.


While Javert is the antagonist of Les Misérables, he is not considered evil because he is ultimately dedicated to the ideals of justice, so much so that he throws himself off a bridge into the River Seine when he thinks he has betrayed them. This has led to many fans speculating that Javert could be redeemed if he had not committed suicide, and that Valjean can assist him in this. Another popular era for fandom due to elements of identity porn is Montreuil-sur-Mer era, as Valjean knows Javert's identity while Javert does not know for sure his.

Common Tropes

  • Modern AU
  • Toulon AU or "Sexy Toulon"- fics set in the Bagne of Toulon, commonly featuring hatesex, dubcon or noncon.
  • Canon Divergence AU
  • Punish Me, Monsieur le Maire- fics have become a trope of their own for the Valjean/Javert pairing. [1]. They are centered on the scene in which Inspector Javert asks for Jean Valjean, in his guise as Mayor Madeleine, to punish him for the infraction of reporting "Madeleine" to the authorities. Because another man has been arrested and is believed to be Valjean, Javert feels he has done a gross infraction. They often contain a combination of dubious consent, identity porn and informal BDSM. The sub-genre is clearcut enough that it has spawned at least one parody fic.[2]
  • Post-Seine. A type of fixit fic, where a character (usually Valjean) prevents Javert's suicide, and they then often end up in a relationship together. Often contains hurt/comfort and sickfic.


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