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Synonyms: comfort fic, comfort!fic, comfort-fic, snifflefic, Sick!fic
See also: WaFF, fluff, hurt/comfort, whump
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Sickfic is a popular fanfiction hurt/comfort or whump trope, in which one or more characters deals with an illness and another character takes care of them. Sickfics may feature mild illnesses such as allergies or colds, or more severe illnesses that risk character death.

Some illnesses are more common in sickfic than others [citation needed]. Some examples are the common cold/flu, food poisoning, and appendicitis.

The term may also rarely used to refer to fan fiction that intentionally deals with disturbing situations and themes (see dubcon).[1]

Sickfic Fanworks

Notable examples of sick fic


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A special sub-type of sickfics are snifflefics: Stories with very minor hurt, in which the point is the comfort: One character puts another to bed, makes him or her tea, sees him or her comforted and cossetted. It was first used in reference to The Professionals story, "Fevers", by Pam Rose.

Examples of Snifflefic

Kink Fic

Sickfic may also be written to satisfy particular kinks - specifically sneezing kinks and vomiting kinks. Though some of these fics feature characters with that kink and include sexual content, many fics are not sexually explicit and just feature the act itself.

Examples of Kink Fic

Non-Explicit Fics

Explicit Fics


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