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Name: Asianfanfics, or AFF
Date(s): 2009
Founder: Jason Ado
Type: fanfic archive
Fandom: Multifandom Asian sources
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Asianfanfics (also known as AFF) is a fanfiction archive website specifically for Asian fandoms. It is best known for its significant kpop population.

Popular fandoms are EXO, SHINee, and BTS. Other fandoms with a large presence are Super Junior, SNSD, Infinite (band), B.A.P., and Big Bang (band).[1]

The demographics between Reader-insert and slash works on the archive seem to be approximately equal.[2]

Asianfanfics also holds calls to roleplay in the Stories section, most notably Facebook roleplay.

Site Blurb

Asianfanfics is a user generated social fan fiction site that caters to people who like to read and write about their favorite topics that often revolve around Asian culture. We are one of the most feature-rich Asian fan fiction story sites on the web. Originally created as a supplementary site for frustrated Winglin users, Asianfanfics has grown into a tight-knit community of over a hundred thousand readers and writers with over 85 million monthly page views and is now home to thousands of stories to peruse.[3]


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Site Popularity and Fan Opinions

Asianfanfics became popular among kpop fandom in 2011.[5]

For many fans, especially those who mostly read and post on AO3, Asianfanfics has a reputation of being a home to kpop badfic, including (but not inherently): reader-inserts and imagines. However, there are over 750,000 works labeled as a story on AFF, while AO3 currently has 90,000 kpop works.[6]

A tumblr, wtfasianfanfics, was set up to mock the worst stories on the site. wtfasianfanfics was active from 2012 to 2014.


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