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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Infinite, INFINITE, 인피니트
Scope/Focus: K-Pop
Date(s): 2010-present
See also: Teen Top, Sistar, other kpop groups that debuted in 2010
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Infinite (stylized INFINITE) is a popular k-pop boyband based in South Korea.

Infinite was originally a seven-member group, but as of August 2017 is now composed of six members: Dongwoo, L (Myungsoo), Sungkyu, Sungyeol, and Woohyun. The former member is Hoya, who has departed to work on solo projects.


Infinite fans are known as "Inspirits," and their official fanclub color is Pearl Metal Gold.

The fandom is spread across LiveJournal, AO3, Asianfanfics, Twitter, and Tumblr.


The most popular ship is Sunggyu/Woohyun.

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