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RPF Fandom
Name(s): EXO
Scope/Focus: K-Pop
Date(s): 2012-present
See also: GOT7, BTS, MonstaX, Seventeen, SHINee
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EXO is a popular K-Pop group based in South Korea.


EXO fans are known as EXO-L. Their official color is silver.



  • Suho (Kim Junmyeon) (leader)
  • Xiumin (Kim Minseok)
  • Lay (Zhang Yixing)
  • Byun Baekhyun
  • Chen (Kim Jongdae)
  • Park Chanyeol
  • D.O. (Do Kyungsoo)
  • Kai (Kim Jongin)
  • Oh Sehun


  • Tao (Huang Zitao)
  • Kris Wu (Wu Yifan)
  • Lu Han



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  • camera (shy)- jongin is suho's biggest fan, but strangely enough, he finds deceptively mild-mannered joonmyun even more intriguing. (curledupkitten)
  • Hunt Me Down- The streets held a lot of opportunities, there were many things you could do, many things you could become, many things that could happen to you. Chanyeol had chosen his own path when he was nothing but a child and he had never strayed away from it, now being a member of one of the most infamous assassin clans of the country and carrying the role of sniper. However, he hadn't foreseen their deals getting called off one by one to be given to a new assassin that no one knew anything about besides his odd name. He hadn't expected a confrontation that would throw his whole world into one big dark cloud of confusion either. (Bbaegi)
  • without you to hold i'd be freezing- Everyone around Chanyeol talks about how love hides behind every corner, but they are all wrong. The only thing that hides behind a corner is a short asshole who bumps into Chanyeol on a particularly busy morning and spills Chanyeol's coffee when he needs it the most. (mychogiway)
  • Following You Into The Dark- After witnessing their parents' brutal murder, brothers Kim Jongdae and Kim Jongin were forced to flee their home and forge an entirely new method of living to ensure their survival. Since the tender ages of 7 and 9, they’ve had to survive by their own means, living in a constant fear of an unidentified enemy that Jongdae code named, Them. Jongdae had begun to believe that perhaps as horrible as the event that night was, it was just a per chance instance. But the day when that belief is challenged, Jongdae has no choice but to accept that the relations run a lot deeper than he originally envisioned. That there is something connecting his family with Them. That there’s a personal vendetta somewhere along the lines. Jongdae knows this now, but he also knows they’ve messed with the wrong person this time around, and even if it kills him, he swears the outcome this time will be different. (nyxsomnium)
  • Phoenix- The mercenary crew of the Phoenix takes on the dangerous job of kidnapping three genetic experiments and bringing them across the galaxy, unaware that the scientist who created is chasing them to get his children back. Written as a part of the Exordium Challenge. (unniebee)