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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Seventeen
Scope/Focus: K-Pop
Date(s): 2015-present
See also: EXO, BTS, MonstaX, GOT7, SHINee
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Seventeen is a popular K-Pop group based in South Korea, that debuted in 2015 under Pledis Entertainment. Seventeen is made up of 3 units: Vocal Team, Hip-Hop Team, and Performance Team, with a grand total of 13 members. Seventeen is well known for being self-producing idols, having roles in the production, lyric writing, and choreography of many of their songs. While they are not a particularly old group, Seventeen has made a name for themselves among top idol groups.


Fans of Seventeen are known as Carats, because of the title of one of their first released songs, Shining Diamond.


Seventeen has 13 members in total, which makes them one of the groups with the most members since Super Junior.

  • S.Coups (Korean:에스.쿱스) was born Choi Sung Cheol (Korean:최승철) on August 8, 1995 in Daegu, South Korea.

S.Coups is the group's official leader, as well as the Hip-Hop Team's leader. He is the oldest member of the group, and is also one of the original members casted by Pledis Entertainment. Despite being the older and the leader, the other members often tease him for his earnest and clumsy personality. (Though physically, he is likely the most athletic and coordinated of the group.) Regardless, the younger members all look up to him as their oldest hyung (brother), and admire him for his leadership and perseverance.

  • Jeonghan (Korean:정한) was born Yoon Jung Han (Korean:윤정한) on October 4, 1995 in Seoul, South Korea.

Jeonghan is a member of the Vocal Team, and is a part of the hyung-line along with members S.Coups and Joshua. Jeonghan is seen as the mother of the group, (the father being S.Coups), because of the way he dotes on and cares for the younger members, as well as because of his elegant and soothing image. Despite this image, Jeonghan is also a massive troublemaker who loves to tease his members. He also has a reputation for being sly and lazy, and often uses his wits to his advantage.

  • Joshua (Korean:조슈아) was born Hong Jisoo (Korean:홍지수) (English name:Joshua Hong) on December 30, 1995 in Los Angeles, United States.

Joshua is a member of the Vocal Team, and is a part of the hyung-line along with members S.Coups and Jeonghan. Joshua is originally from America, and he only moved to South Korea to debut as an idol in the past couple of years. Joshua's foreign-ness and gentlemanly appearance are a big part of his image. Despite his gentle looks, Joshua is a jokester who often gets himself into trouble along with his same-age member, Jeonghan. Joshua and Jeonghan are very close within the group; being that they are around the same age, and that they entered the company at around the same time. While certainly not the most outspoken member, Joshua is playful and clever, and fans adore him for the contrast between his image and personality.

  • Jun (Korean:준) was born Wen Junhui (Chinese:文俊辉) (Korean:문준회) on June 10, 1996 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Jun is a member of the Performance Team, and is one of the group's foreign member. Originally from China, Jun is known for his work as a child actor before his debut into Seventeen. (He has also studied martial arts and was a very accomplished pianist.) Jun is known for being a little vain, and is notorious taking selfies. Despite this, Jun has a very naive and childlike personality, and the other members often tease and/or care for him. Like all of the members within the Performance Team, Jun is a very skilled dancer who can also sing.

  • Hoshi (Korean:호시) was born Kwon Soonyoung (Korean:권순영) on June 15, 1996 in Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

Hoshi is the Performance Team's leader, as well as a large contributor to Seventeen's choreography. Lovingly nicknamed 10-10 because of his slanted eyes, Hoshi is playful and likable, and often uses humor to lighten the mood and cheer up his members. Despite his cheerful disposition, Hoshi is very serious and driven when it comes to dance, and this contributes to the overall nature of the Performance Team. Hoshi is also a very talented singer, and occasionally even raps in Seventeen's songs.

  • Wonwoo (Korean:원우) was born Jeon Wonwoo (Korean:전원우) on July 17, 1996 in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea.

Wonwoo is a member of the Hip-Hop Team. He is one of the more introverted members, who often prefers a good book over a good party. Despite this, Wonwoo is also notorious for his incredibly lame jokes and puns, and is known to occasionally be very playful among his fellow members. Wonwoo is independent and smart while also mischievous, and fans adore him for his contrasting personality.

  • Woozi (Korean:우지) was born Lee Jihoon (Korean:이지훈) on November 22, 1996 in Busan, South Korea.

Woozi is the team leader of the Vocal Team, and is also the group's main producer and songwriter among the members. Although he is the group's shortest and most adorable member at 5'3, Woozi actually has an independent and quite manly personality. Woozi is very introverted, but uses music as a means to express himself. Woozi has played a role in the creation of most of Seventeen's songs, and is well known for his talent in music producing. Despite being quiet around strangers, Woozi can be very playful around his group mates, and is known to tease the more excitable members.

  • DK (Korean:도겸) was born Lee Seokmin (Korean:이석민) on February 18, 1997 in Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

DK is a main vocal in the Vocal Team, and is known for his incredible (and loud) voice. DK is the unofficial Happy Virus of the group, and cheers up his members with his cheerful- if naive- personality. Because of his childlike disposition, the other members often tease/care for him in particular (similarly to fellow overly-excitable member, Jun). DK is almost constantly surrounded by laughter, making jokes or running impromptu skits with his fellow members. In particular, his partners in crime are fellow members Hoshi and Seungkwan.

  • Mingyu (Korean:민규) was born Kim Mingyu (Korean:김민규) on April 6, 1997 in Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

Mingyu is a member of the Hip-Hop Team, and is known as the group's visual. Mingyu is the tallest member, and is also very good-looking. Despite this, he has an incredibly clumsy personality (both mentally and physically). Aside from constantly breaking things on accident, Mingyu is also very easy to trick and is very easily flustered, which makes him a prime target for teasing from the older members. In addition, Mingyu is also affectionately coined as Housewife-gyu for his homemaking skills and tidy personality. Mingyu not only does the majority of Seventeen's housework, but is also a relatively talented chef. Mingyu is also known to get into fights with same-age member The8.

  • The8 (Korean:디에잇) was born Xu Minghao (Chinese:徐明浩) (Korean:서명호) on November 7, 1997 in Anshan, Liaoning, China.

The8 is a member of the Performance Team, and is one of two Chinese members (along with Jun). The8 is a very accomplished martial artist, and often incorporates these skills (along with b-boying) into their choreography. The8 is blunt and straightforward, if sometimes a little lost in translation. This often gets him into arguments with same-aged member Mingyu, who is very easily riled up. (Despite their differences, the two are very close friends.) The8 is driven but introverted, and is often seen reading books while his more excitable members play.

  • Seungkwan (Korean:승관) was born Boo Seung Kwan (Korean:부승관) on January 16, 1998 in Jeju-do, South Korea.

Seungkwan is a main vocal in the Vocal Team, and is one of Seventeen's loudest personalities. He is known for his talk-show skills and humor, and can often be seen getting into trouble with members Hoshi and DK. Because of his humorous but easily flustered personality, the older members particularly enjoy teasing him. Despite his playfulness, Seungkwan is also sensitive and very emotionally attached to his fellow members. He is particularly close with same-aged member Vernon.

  • Vernon (Korean:버논) was born Hansol Vernon Choi on February 18, 1998 in New York, United States.

Vernon is a member of the Hip-Hop Team. Although he was originally born in New York, he moved to South Korea when he was very young, where he was raised until the present. Because his mother is American Vernon is fluent in English, and often practices his English with American member Joshua. Vernon is known for being the free spirit of the group, often caught up in his own world with headphones in his ears. While this often leads to him missing important cues and conversations, he is also known for having very creative and interesting ideas. Vernon is one of the more introverted members of the group, though more through being a daydreamer than through being shy.

  • Dino (Korean:디노) was born Lee Chan (Korean:이찬) on February 11, 1999 in Iksan-si, Jeollakbu-do, South Korea.

Dino is a member of the Performance Team, and is the maknae (youngest member) of the group. Dino is hard-working and likable, and the older members often dote/tease him- though not for being an easy target, but rather just because he is the youngest. The group often jokes that Dino is the most mature, despite being the youngest, and he even takes care of/scolds his hyungs (older brothers) on occasion. Dino is also known for his admiration for the late Micheal Jackson, and often incorporates Micheal Jackson-style moves into his dances. Along with being a very skilled dancer, Dino also sings and raps in Seventeen's songs.


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  • Kalon- Wonwoo is pretty sure his entire family hates him and his commitment issues are starting to make his life (as well as Mingyu's) miserable. (ryerim)
  • A Mighty Stranger- The universe was kind. When a soul reached the age of eighteen, they would remain so until they were reunited with their soulmate, and had the means of staying together. And so, people were happy, and souls were made more content each time they reincarnated, and all was well. However, some, like a certain Kim Mingyu, took advantage of this kindness, and used the ability of reincarnation to extend their lives at the expense of their soulmate. But Jeon Wonwoo has had enough. (dell_x)
  • A Plug and His GDI- Mingyu didn't know what to expect when he decided to rush, but it sure as hell wasn't this. (jacktbfh)
  • Cabin Seven- Mingyu’s only at this camp because his mom wants him to work, while Wonwoo is here because he needs an escape from the life at home he so dreads. Neither of them expect to have such a unique summer. (synthetic_blossoms)
  • Pledgling- Jihoon gets mistaken for a rival fraternity's new mascot and is kidnapped by Seungcheol and his peers. As with all my stories...I'm really just aiming for smut asap. That's how I roll. (Havokftw)
  • 0% APR- Jihoon is a bank manager. Then his bank is burgled by fumbling idiots. Do you see where I am going with this? (Havokftw)
  • Those Who Are Dead Feel No Pain- The oath Jihoon swore when he was thirteen is shattered when he is injured and captured during a hunting incident. He becomes shackled to his mortal enemy as a slave for all intents and purposes. (butchbaker17maker)
  • A Coffee Filter Crown- Jihoon is a dedicated barista with exquisite skills. Seungcheol just had coffee poured down his shirt.(butchbaker17maker)
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks- Jeonghan doesn't like serving drinks in the sketchiest part of town but the pay's good and a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. He'll put in his time and get on with his life as soon as he graduates. When Seungcheol walks in and immediately becomes smitten, he takes one look at him and decides that he isn't worth his time. It's funny how quickly your mind changes when someone saves your life... (VampireMadonna)
  • Kiss Me, Kill Me- Jeonghan pays an assassin to kill him, and Seungcheol falls in love with his target. (orphan_account)
  • Cosmic Dust- The child in Jihoon knows nothing but the star-clusters in the sky at where he looks; the grown-up in him knows nothing but the problem-clusters in the gutter where he dwells. Indeed, his eyes might be familiar with the mantled sky—a moonless sky so dark in which a star threatens to become overwhelmingly bright—but his heart becomes a foreigner in its body when the star dazzles him and starts to become his very own silver lining. (DeadpanSnarker)
  • Carry Me Home Tonight- Santa, is it really a Christmas miracle? Somewhere between hook-ups, post-it notes, red tapes and strip Uno, they find something more than what they bargained for. Hint: it's a four-letter word. (nineafternoons)
  • Apple Initials and Thumbprint Soulmates- Soulmate au. On your sixteenth birthday you get the thumbprint of your soulmate on the first place they will touch you. If you've already met, it'll be on the next place they touch you. The thumbprint mark looks like faded pen.(divabooT)
  • Our Twenties- vernon gets used to living with his roommate, boo seungkwan. a slice-of-life story about the relationships that blossom during the times of their youth, as well as the various experiences and the growing pains that happen in between. (citruseungkwan)
  • the riptide prince- Choi Vernon doesn't know what to expect when he gets shipped overseas to tutor the youngest son of a foreign royal family. He really doesn't anticipate the whirlwind that is Prince Boo Seungkwan, nor the events of the next few months. In situations like this, he figures, you either sink or you swim. (boo98)
  • Captain of Your Heart- Jun just wanted to be a captain in the Queen's Navy, but now he's the captain of a pirate ship with a potentially mutinous crew. Minghao just wanted to get rich, but now he's scamming people by pretending to be a princess from some far away land. When Jun accidentally captures the ship Minghao is traveling on, they string along Jun's first mate, Woozi; the talkative cook, Jeonghan; a mysterious new crew member, S. Coups; and the pair of friends pretending to be Minghao's maids, Vernon and Seungkwan. It's either a disaster in the making or the hand of fate. (TheTwins)
  • As The Piano Plays- Junhui was ten years old when he came across the sight of a mesmerising boy playing the piano with every ounce of passion possible. He never thought he would learn the boys name, let alone fall in love with him. (seeitssoonyoung)
  • MALL AU- Everyone in Seventeen works at the same strip mall. And it gets worse. (crumbling)
  • thigh highs and garters- in which joshua thinks jeonghan's a girl the first time he sees him. alt. summary ; joshua doesn't date boys but jeonghan just so happens to be one. (akaruiyeol)
  • Lifeline- Yoon Jeonghan and Joshua Hong met under unfavorable circumstances and formed an unbreakable bond. OR The two learn the meaning of love amidst the corruption of society. (asagsq)
  • 10, nine, 8 (maybe this is fate)- After an accident at work, 25-year-old Minghao comes into the physical therapy clinic and votes that Wonwoo would beat Mingyu in a fistfight. Alternatively// Ten years ago, Mingyu makes a big scene in the cafeteria and therefore ruins Minghao's high school career. Ten years later, Minghao makes Mingyu realize that not everything he does is as momentous as he assumes it to be. A story where two people help each other recover in different ways. (sodakissed)
  • Get crazy! Get wild! Let's party! Get loud!- 7 boys try to find their way at the Shore House. Or the 97 line jersey shore au nobody asked for. (pledis_17)
  • Acte de Foi- Wonwoo leaps into the air and his jumps take him up, up, and up. Even when Junhui stops practicing his pirouettes, his head spins, spins, and spins. Those two things may or may not be related, but Junhui’s too busy trying to survive his third and final year of high school to notice. A ballet AU, of sorts. (nisakomi)
  • Those Three Little Words- It starts out as a game: whoever falls first loses. But in the game of love and heartbreak, is there really a winner? Good boys shouldn't go for the bad seeds. Junhui knows that, and yet... (Or the one where WonHui make a bet to see who can make the other one say 'I Love You' first) (Swanny_Writer)
  • You Come with the Moon- Wonwoo is the exiled son of a wealthy spy who once raised vicious dogs purely to terrorize the village below his house. Soonyoung is a villager who has been habitually feeding the dogs up the hill every night for years now. (In a town of prejudice and hatred, Soonyoung extends a helping hand. Wonwoo grabs it and holds it tight.) (cuddlebone)
  • say something loving- he is in love. it should be so excruciatingly simple, but with wonwoo's breath on his neck, soonyoung has to wonder if it also has to be inexplicitly complicated. he shivers and he doesn't know what to expect, or what he wants from this. he thinks he wants everything. he knows that he doesn't want to be just friends anymore. they're so much bigger than just friends. (minshuas)
  • On the Rough- “You set off the alarm!?” Seungcheol’s voice blasted through their earbuds, making the short hacker turn his head towards the center monitor. There they were, standing and, apparently, arguing. “It wasn’t my fault!” Mingyu complained with a slight whine to his tone. “You’re the one who stepped on the fake tile, it was literally your fault!” (Fastpacing)
  • 18cm- 18 cm. That was the distance between them. At least Jihoon wished it was as simple as that. A crisis in which the Performance Unit is in danger of being cut from the group. (Samnyeong)
  • On Your Mind- 10:10 is Seokmin’s favourite time of the day. He tells Seungkwan, who's working beside him, as much and receives a snort of laughter in return. “That’s because you’re in love, idiot.” (jiminie)
  • The Benefactor 2: Bound & Begging- Soonyoung is scraping by as an architect student when he accidentally finds himself on several mafia factions' hitlist for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gangster boss Lee Seokmin is willing to embrace Soonyoung into his corporation to protect him, given that Soonyoung provides a certain type of service to his new boss... ([
  • fool's gold- “Oh my god there’s gonna be a next one,” Soonyoung says, shutting his eyes tight like he'll somehow be able to block out the world. “Minnie you have to save me.” “What am I supposed to do?” Seokmin asks, laughing. “I don’t think I could pass for your girlfriend, hyung.” Soonyoung’s eyes flutter open, going wide as an idea finally occurs to him. “That’s it!” “Are you asking me to put on a skirt?” Seokmin asks, his eyes curving into small crescents as he smiles. “Because I don’t think I have the legs for it.” “No,” Soonyoung says, shaking his head and sitting up now. “But I can tell my parents you’re who I’m dating.”—Or, Soonyoung is tired of his parents setting him up on blind dates and turns to his best friend for help. (knightspur)
  • Drink While The Water Is Clean- Joshua's life flipped in a moment, the second he was determined to be the King's new consort. The Gods he once prayed to where tossed aside as he found a new God, the most beautiful God the world had to offer. His body which had never once been touched, was now constantly caressed by pairs of hands that tugged and tugged on him until he gave away everything they asked of him. Where once before he never thought of committing sin, he now indulged in it happily since it brought smiles to his lovers faces. Joshua's life changed within a moment; the moment he made a deal with a devil in disguise. (JYNXXX)
  • Grey Smoke, Strange Stains, and Salty Faces- Soulmate au. On your sixteenth birthday you get the thumbprint of your soulmate on the first place they will touch you. If you've already met, it'll be on the next place they touch you. The thumbprint mark looks like faded pen. (divabooT)
  • Will You Hold Me As I Sleep?- “May we be remembered in the minds of men, in the souls of artists, in the hearts that beat with love.” In which the 95 line practically runs one of the most prestigious schools in the country and Joshua is a frightened, little omega with a bad past trying not to get too attached. (xviichapters)