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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Got7
Scope/Focus: K-Pop
Date(s): 2014-present
See also: EXO, BTS, MonstaX, Seventeen, SHINee
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Got7 is a popular K-Pop group based in South Korea.

The group was formed in January, 2014 under JYP Entertainment. Later the same year, the group also signed with Sony Music Entertainment Japan and expanded their brand into Japan. Over the years, Got7 has released 4 albums and 6 EPs, and earned several awards from various music and award shows. The group is particularly popular globally, because of their multiple foreign members. Within the group is the sub unit known as JJ Project, including members Jinyoung and JB.


Got7 fans are known at 'iGot7', which is often shortened to 'Aghase' (meaning baby bird). Got7 keeps their fans close with the use of social media platforms, including Twitter, Youtube, and VLIVE. The group has their own series VLIVE and Youtube known as Real GOT7.


Got7 is made up of 7 members.

  • Mark (Korean: 마크) was born Mark Yi-en Tuan (Chinese: 段宜恩) on September 4, 1993 in Los Angeles, United States.

Mark is a rapper in Got7, and is also the oldest member.

Although Mark is the quietest member of the group, he is also quite multi talented in most things. Mark is intelligent and athletic, and in the years following Got7's debut he was the groups main trick dancer (flips and martial arts). Although he is the oldest hyung (brother) of the group, he is adored by his fans for his shy nature, and the way he quietly takes care of the younger members.
Mark was raised in California- though he is by descent, Taiwanese- and is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Korean.
  • The most popular ship with Mark is with fellow foreign member Jackson (Markson). Mark and Jackson appeared together on several episodes of After School (a popular variety show for English speakers). Other ships include Mark and Jinyoung (Markjin), Mark and Youngjae (Markjae), and Mark and JB (Markbum).
  • JB (Korean: 제이비) was born Lim Jae-beom (Korean: 임재범) on January 6, 1994 in Goyang, South Korea.

JB is the leader of Got7, along with being a main vocalist.

Although JB is technically the 2nd oldest of the group, he is often seen taking on the leader/hyung (older brother) role. JB is notoriously bad at games/contests, and has earned the nickname 'water-fist' for his poor and hilarious performance during fun competitions.
JB was one of the original members of the group, and debuted in the previous JYP group JJ Project, along with fellow member Jinyoung.
  • One of the most popular pairings among the group members is between JB and Jinyoung (JJ Project), because of their past together, as well as their parental roles within the group. Other ships include JB and Jackson (Jackbum), Markbum, and JB and Youngjae (Youngbum).
  • Jackson (Korean: 잭슨) was born Jackson Wang (Chinese: 王嘉爾) on March 28, 1994 in Hong Kong, China.

Jackson is a rapper in Got7, and is the most well-known member due to his multiple appearances on variety shows.

Before debuting in Got7, Jackson was formerly a representative of Hong Kong's national fencing team, earning two gold medals at the Asian Junior Olympics in Thailand in 2011. Jackson is loved by fans for his funny and adorably personality. He is extremely friendly, and is known for his many connections within the Korean celebrity scene. Jackson has appeared on many variety shows, including Roommate, which he even earned an award for.
Within the group, Jackson is outgoing and affectionate- though often teasingly so. Due to his upbringing in Hong Kong, Jackson is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Korean. In 2017 Jackson debuted with his first track as a solo artist, though he is still part of Got7.
  • Jinyoung (Korean: 진영) was born Park Jin-young (Korean: 박진영) on September 22, 1994 in Changwon, South Korea.

Jinyoung is a vocalist in Got7, and is also an actor outside of the group.

Jinyoung is one of the quieter members, but he is thoughtful and responsible. Jinyoung is often seen as the mother of the group, for his role in not only taking care of the younger members, but the older members as well. Jinyoung has also recently broken in to the acting scene in Korea.
Despite being well-mannered, Jinyoung is known to have occasional moments of sarcasm and teasing towards his fellow Got7 members, that his fans adore. Jinyoung was the other half of JJ Project, along with JB.
  • Youngjae (Korean: 영재) was born Choi Young-jae (Korean: 최영재) on September 17, 1996 in Mokpo, South Korea.

Youngjae is a main vocalist in Got7.

Although he isn't the youngest member, Youngjae is often seen as the baby of the group. Fans love Youngjae for his sweet and kind- if at times naive- personality. As a main vocalist who loves to sing, Youngjae is teased by the other members for his excessive vocal practicing.
Youngjae is adored by the older members of the group- and is seen as a younger brother particularly to JB.
  • BamBam (Korean: 뱀뱀; Thai: แบมแบม) was born Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Thai: กันต์พิมุกต์ ภูวกุล) on May 2, 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand.

BamBam is a rapper in Got7.

Although he is technically older than maknae Yugyeom, BamBam is considered the unofficial youngest of the group because of his playful and childish personality. Got7 fans love him for his funny- if not downright strange- behavior, and the other members often tease BamBam for his odd actions.
BamBam is originally from Thailand, and is fluent in both Thai and Korean. (He also speaks some English.)
  • Fan ships with BamBam include Jackbam, and BamBam with Yugyeom (Yugbam).
  • Yugyeom (Korean: 유겸) was born Kim Yu-gyeom (Korean: 김유겸) on November 17, 1997 in Namyangju, South Korea.

Yugyeom is a vocalist in Got7, along with being the group's maknae (youngest member).

Despite being the youngest, Yugyeom isn't known for being obedient to his hyungs (older brothers). The older members often tease him for being the 'maknae on top', as well as for having both the appearance and the mannerisms of a foreigner. Yugyeom is loved by fans for his shy nature.
Yugyeom is the groups most accomplished dancer, and even went on to win on Hit the Stage, a Korean dance competition show for celebrities.


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  • Jackson Wang/Kunpimook Bhuwakul | BamBam Jackbam
  • Choi Youngjae/Kim Yugyeom Youngyeom
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  • Everyone/Everyone OT7


  • cold water- mark's friends think he works too hard. he would be perfect for jackson. mark has never met jackson. but mark has had a crush on jiaer for months. mark's friends have never met jiaer. jackson's friends think he works too hard. he would be perfect for mark. jackson has never met mark. but jackson has had a crush on yien for months. jackson's friends have never met yien. (dell_x)
  • Playhouse- All sorts of rumours surround the handsome Wang heir and the good-looking servants of his household, but no one seemed to know for sure, as no matter the price, the members were not willing to give the secrets of their Master up. Mark doesn't care for celebrities or rumours, except the one that says the Wang household pays several times more than the usual servant's salary, so when there's a job opening at the House, he goes for it. In the days and weeks spent at the House, Mark gets to know the members and finds out what of the ludicrous rumours were true and what weren’t. What he did not know to expect, however, is how good friends he would become with the other members of the House, and what’s worse, that he would fall in love with Jackson Wang. (seitsemannen)
  • The Hindmost- A year after his parents death Mark's remaining family can see he needs a new environment and distraction. They send him off to stay with the Wang family for the summer. Mark's time there will open his heart to Jackson Wang. Vulnerability often seems to comes at a price. (StrugglingAngel)
  • Winter bird- Perhaps Mark was indeed a flower, a beautiful blooming flower, whose petals were now withering rapidly, like it would’ve been thrown into a snowstorm; every petal symbolizing his life and how he lost it. (jinyoungstuan)
  • Royals- Mark had always known this day would come. Arranged marriage was a common occurrence in royal families and his turn had finally arrived. He accepted his fate, throwing away his right to a choice for the sake of his family. Little did he know, agreeing to join the Park's would be both the best and worst decision of his life. (jagseun)
  • graveyard dreams- Mark Tuan has made every effort to live life the way he intends to; travelling the world, teaching others, questioning reality, all the whilst hiding his own little secrets. However in the middle of his year long teaching contract at a university in South Korea things begin to quickly crumble. Park Jinyoung, a post graduate student on the threat of expulsion drags Mark down into a world of hysteria. He claims he can remember others of a time long gone, memories of past lives and believes Mark is the only person he can confide in. Mark is more than reluctant, but what he learns soon enough is that the chest of secrets he's kept buried for so long is about to explode, and soon the past will catch up to the two of them. (aquilaprisca)
  • Oceans Apart- Yien and Jaebeom were best friends. They were a prince and a servant, always together and never alone. Completely inseparable at the age of 7. Until one trip to visit Yien's future fiance` when their ship gets attacked by pirates. That night was the last the two ever saw of each other. 17 years later, Jaebeom has become a scavenger of the seas to try and find his best friend, and lost prince, under the name of Defsoul. He's become one of the most feared pirates on the ocean. One day, he decides to dock at a small town, the furthest port from home. There he meets a young brothel worker called Mark who has something familiar about him that Jaebeom can't put his finger on. What is it about Mark that has Jaebeom coming back to port, month after month when he searches for the heart he lost to the sea mist? What is it about this Defsoul, the man with the fierce gaze, twin beauty moles and deep voice, that makes Mark think he's different from the usual captains he has to entertain? Secrets can only stay hidden for so long until the waves reveal the treasure. (cutiepiemarkeu)
  • Brother- Everything changes when Mark falls in love with Jinyoung's older brother Jaebum, and Jinyoung falls in love with Jackson. (offmilk)
  • you're the sugar to my daddy- in which jaebum finds a baby on his doorstep with a note claiming he's the father, and the other six boys in his fraternity house become her surrogate uncles. (college au, best friends to lovers). (gotchick)
  • pushing daisies- in which jaebum insists he's never seen jinyoung before, and jinyoung insists he doesn't care, and the beginning of spring is late, but there are flowers everywhere. (sevencm)
  • ill-fated- To Jaebum, Youngjae was nothing more than a dose of bad luck. (sagexx)
  • Love You to Death- Everyone knows JB and JR are a "thing". Its not hard to see that. But no one knows what happens when night falls and the door to JB and Youngjae's bedroom closes. No one knows that Youngjae's the one that takes all the stress away from JB... That he's the one that loves JB through all his flaws, the one that follows without any question... No one knows. And it seems as if JB wants it that way. (minnitoki)
  • I'll Protect You - Jaebum is the son of a rich CEO. His mother is insisting he take a few hybrids in, because she's worried since he doesn't have any friends at university. He wants to choose the hybrids carefully, because he wants to give a few hybrids a good life, when most of society treats them really bad. Soon, he finds Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Bambam, Yugyeom and Youngjae, and they all live happily together. (WhoTheBuckIsStucky)