The Oncology Ward

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Name: The Oncology Ward - Cancer Arc fics featuring Agent Scully
Date(s): ? (Geocities) - present, not active since July 2010
Archivist: opheliadrowning (founder), mimic117 (maintainer)
Founder: opheliadrowning
Type: novel-length fanfic
Fandom: The X-Files

The Oncology Ward Fan Fiction Archive.png
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The Oncology Ward is a specialized X-Files fan fiction archive that features fic of Dana Scully set during the show's Cancer-arc.

It has been last updated in July 2010 and features stories and Vignettes including Lydia Bower's Dance Without Sleeping series.


This archive is dedicated to fan fiction that was written about or in some way related to Scully's cancer. This cancer provides great brain food for stories full of angst and possible romance even. I know that eventually the cancer will be cured in one way or another and then this archive will close because of lack of stories being written (unless people want to continue with it...) but for the meantime, this offers a lot of angst to those readers who want it and theories of how the cancer will be cured and/or handled.


The archive was originally created by opheliadrowning and housed on Geocities, When they closed free site hosting in Oct. 2009, the archive was taking over by and hosted since then by xphilefic. While the appearance remains essentially as ophelia left it, mimic117 has taken the liberty of resorting the stories into alphabetical listings rather than by angst/romance/etc.