Akemi Homura

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Name: Akemi Homura
Occupation: magical girl, student
Relationships: Kaname Madoka (friend, love interest, fellow magical girl); Miki Sayaka, Sakura Kyōko (fellow magical girls); Mami Tomoe (enemy, comrade, mentor)
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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Akemi Homura is a character from the 2011 magical girl anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its subsequent multimedia franchise. Initially presented as a possible antagonist for aspiring magical girl Kaname Madoka, she gradually reveals hidden depths over time as it becomes clear their fates are linked.


Akemi Homura is initially presented as an aloof transfer student with a hidden but sinister agenda, who warns Madoka away from the life of a magical girl. It is eventually revealed that Homura is originally from a different timeline, who made a wish to go back and re-do her first meeting with Madoka after the latter's death in order to save her.

Fan Reactions

Homura is a fan favorite, with many considering her to be the "true" protagonist of the show in lieu of Madoka. She is frequently the main character and/or POV character in fanworks.

Common Tropes and Fanon

In fanart, Homura is often shown bound to Madoka with ribbons, reminiscent of the Red String of Fate. Following the release of the Rebellion Story movie, red spider lilies and other attributes of her witch Homulily became important motifs.

Homura has also acquired a wide variety of fan nicknames. Glasses!Homura is frequently referred to as Moemura, a play on the Japanese slang term moe, meaning cute. Later incarnations are known as Ribbonmura, Crazymura, Coolmura, and (following the events of Rebellion) Homucifer or Akuma.

Japanese-language doujinshi often depict Homura using the catchphrase "Homu homu" in addition to or in lieu of regular speech. Ecchi fanworks frequently depict Homura as a pervert who uses her time-stop powers to stalk or molest Madoka for humorous effect.


MadoHomu is the most popular ship, both for the character and the franchise as a whole, and is borderline canonical. Minor ships include HomuMami, HomuSaya, Homura/Kyouko and poly ships with all five members of the "Holy Quintet".

Selected Fanworks


  • The Devil's Story by Castella - "Madoka and Homura were bound to become enemies at some point. For a god and her devil, that conflict was their inevitable and fated end." - femslash, Homura/Madoka, angst, fix-it, complete, posted 2014
  • Impossible Colors by ErinPtah. "Homura is red/green colorblind. Snapshots of how she sees the world." - oneshot, posted 2015
  • First Strike Capabilities by Gramarye. "The first time Homura set foot on the grounds of JGSDF Camp Mitakihara, she had no idea what she was doing. The second time, she came with a list." - oneshot, posted 2020
  • The Witching Hour by Umbriex - "When faced with an uncaring and cruel system that exploits the suffering of the innocent, Homura knows exactly what to do… Start a podcast? An offhand suggestion from Madoka’s father leads Homura to a creative outlet that might just save everyone. Armed with the knowledge of far too many timelines she sets out to create something that will warn those in need. And maybe talk a bit too much about her personal issues, but she’s working on that." - AU, fix-it fic, posted 2021





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