Persona 5

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Name: Persona 5
Creator: Atlus
Date(s): September 2016 (Japanese release), April 2017 (English release)
Medium: Video game
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Official Page, the anime
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Persona 5 is the long-awaited continuation of the Shin Megami Tensei series, a JRPG. Following the game's English and Japanese releases, an anime and a dancing game have been released.

Canon Overview

The Player Character begins the game making an escape during a heist, but is caught by the police, who say a traitor to the player character is to blame. Beaten and drugged by the police, the player character is then interrogated by a prosecutor. Gameplay comes as supposed memories brought up by interrogation; fail states return the player character to the interrogation room where the prosecutor leaves because the player character can't remember correctly, after which the player character is shot by an unknown assailant. In the memories, the player character is being given housing in Tokyo by a seemingly unwilling cafe owner after being kicked out of a countryside town for being imprisoned for a "fight" that was misreported to the police. The player character starts at a new school, but is confronted with a domineering star volleyball coach who is abusive to his players and seems to be taking liberties with the girls at school. In typical Persona style, the player character, his new delinquent friend, and a talking cat stumble into the coach's disturbing mental landscape, adopting powers through Personas based on famous morally grey rebels, and fight to change the heart of the coach. The player character keeps making friends and changing dastardly hearts of adults abusing teens as the Phantom Troupe, gaining notoriety and the eye of the corrupt police.


The Phantom Thieves





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