ANTITHESIS (Persona 5 zine)

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Type: Fanart, Fanfiction
Date(s): 2021-2022
Medium: PDF, Print
Size: A5, 243 pages
Fandom: Persona 5
Language: English
External Links: Twitter Tumblr carrdarchived
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ANTITHESIS is a charity zine centered around the relationship of the Persona 5 protagonist and Goro Akechi from the video game Persona 5. The theme of the zine was the idea of an Roleswap alternate universe where the two characters swapped roles within the game's story.


ANTITHESIS is a Persona 5 Akeshu zine centered on the what-ifs of a role-swapped relationship between Joker and Crow.[1]

Interest checks and applications for a graphics mod began on May 17, 2021 and ended on June 15, 2021[2]. Contributor applications opened on June 20 to July 20, 2021 [3].

Synthesis, the tie-in visual novel game, was announced on the project's social media accounts with a promotional video created by Beebo on December 5, 2021 [4]. The game was later released on on July 1, 2022 [5]. Purchasing any of the bundles during pre-orders would give buyers early access the game in development.

Preorders opened on December 17, 2021[6]. The pricing tiers are as follows:

  • Rank 1 ($25 USD) - Digital Zine, Concept PDF, Early Access to Synthesis Visual Novel
  • Rank 3 ($35 USD) - Sticker Sheets, Print, Star Buttons, Acrylic Charm, Acrylic Standee, Lanyard, Washi Tape, Early Access to Synthesis Visual Novel
  • Rank 5 ($35 USD) - Physical Zine, Digital Zine, Concept PDF, Early Access to Synthesis Visual Novel
  • Rank 7 ($45 USD) - Physical Zine, Digital Zine, Sticker Sheet, Print, Star Buttons, Washi Tape, Concept PDF, Early Access to Synthesis Visual Novel
  • Rank 10 ($55 USD) - Physical Zine, Digital Zine, Sticker Sheets, Print, Star Buttons, Acrylic Charm, Acrylic Standee, Washi Tape, Concept PDF, Early Access to Synthesis Visual Novel

A giveaway was organized in collaboration with gorb zine and ran from December 19, 2021 to December 20, 2021 [7]. The chosen winner would receive a full bundle of both zines. The winner was declared to be Twitter user BurnMyBren on the gorb zine's social media account[8]. Another giveaway with the SHOWTIME zine project ran from January 7 to January 9, 2022, where the chosen winner would receive full bundles from both zines [9]. Twitter user TheRoyalgoat2 was declared The winner of this second giveaway the next day[10].

To thank buyers and fans for their support, the project announced that an enamel pin by MaybelsArt would be added to all physical orders [11]. When there was four days left until preorders ended, the project also added a foil print by sanctimonia to physical orders as thanks [12]. Preorders closed on January 17, 2022 with a shipping window estimated to be between March and April 2022 [13].

Shortly after the embezzlement controversy in the SHOWTIME zine, the project released a shipping update in response, explaining the steps the mod team had taken to ensure accountability and transparency[14]. This update also addrssed customer concerns about delays in shipping, to which the team reported that the they had been stalled by the zine manufacturer sending them reprinted zines to replace zines that had printing errors. The team gave customers the options to have their order anyways with a B-grade zine and complimentary free merch item of their choice, have their merch shipped immediately and their zine shipped later, or wait until the reprints arrived and receive their bundles in one shipment.

Physical bundles began shipping on April 18, 2022 [15] and digital bundles were sent on May 2, 2022[16].

The project's storefront was reopened on May 21, 2022 for digital bundles[17]. Leftover sales ran from July 22 to August 5, 2022[18]. On the last day of sales, the project added mystery grab bags to be purchased at intervals of $5 USD, $10 USD, and $15 USD[19].

The project closed with an announcement of $8,474.26 raised and donated to ILGA World[20], as voted by contributors at the beginning of the project[21].

Project Schedule
Start End
Interest Check May 17, 2021 June 15, 2021
Mod Applications May 17, 2021 June 10, 2021
Contributor Applications June 20, 2021 July 20, 2021
Preorders December 17, 2021 January 17, 2022
Shipping April 18, 2022 May 2, 2022
Leftover Sales July 22, 2022 August 5, 2022


The following names were taken from the final copy of the zine/the project's social media account.

Page Artists

Merch Artists



  • Nat (babelfell) - Host, Finance, Shipping
  • Mango (beyondplusultra) - Intern Artist Mod
  • Sara (TzviaAriella) - Writing Mod, Beta Reader
  • Jialu (jialudraws) - Graphics


  • Beebo (bumblingbeebo) - Motion Design


Fan Reception

The following posts are a sample of posts retweeted by the project's social media account about the zine.

tori wrote on Twitter

aaaaaa I’m so excited for people to receive their @antithesiszine orders! It was a delight to unpack my contributor bundle (pardon my cat Abby lol), the mods put so much hard work into packing them!! I can’t wait for y’all to see this zine!! 🃏💖[22]

Black Lagoon wrote on Twitter

Im so grateful to the whole team of @antithesiszine for helping make this possible, I'd never imagined I could be part of something like this. I hope everyone that ordered it loves it as much as I do. I guarantee lots of love and effort were put into this and you can tell 💖💖[23]

🎀tboy swag💌 wrote on Twitter

🖤❤my antithesis bundle is here, and words fail to describe just how *beautiful* everything is! so so much love went into this project and it shows! incredibly thankful to everyone who's involved that worked together to bring it to life! i really couldnt be any happier!!🥰❤[24]