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Name: Ren Amamiya
Occupation: Student, Vigilante
Relationships: Goro Akechi (rival), Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki, Yusuke Kitagawa, Haru Okumura, Makoto Niijima, Morgana, Futaba Sakura, Sojiro Sakura, Kasumi Yoshizawa, Igor
Fandom: Persona 5
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Ren Amamiya, also known as Akira Kurusu and Joker, is the Protagonist of Persona 5 and Persona 5:Royal, as well as a playable character in several of its spinoff games, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


Arrogant and a bit dorky, Ren is seen as more of a fleshed out character than his predecessors, Yu Narukami and Minato Arisato. As a near mute protagonist, he was never going to have a huge wealth of personality, but idle animations such as playing with his hair and tapping his fingers together go a long way where words can’t.


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As the protagonist of a Persona game, Ren is unashamedly shippable with almost every female character in the game, with Futaba being among the more common het pairings. Fanon ships will see him commonly paired with Goru Akechi instead however, and crossover pairings with his predecessors are feasible.

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