Seah & Margie

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Name: Seah & Margie
Alias(es): Flummery, Thing 1 and Thing 2
Type: vidders
Fandoms: Invisible Man, The Sentinel, Odyssey 5, Stargate SG-1, Joan of Arcadia, Battlestar Galactica, The Dresden Files, Doctor Who, Multimedia
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Seah & Margie, also known by their alias Flummery, have vidded together since 2001, very very slowly, averaging just over one vid per year. They generally premiere their vids at conventions, mainly Vividcon. Their first vid, Kryptonite (Invisible Man), premiered at Escapade in 2002.

They learned to vid by soaking up the Escapade aesthetic over several years, and from Sandy Herrold, who flew out from Seattle to Boston to teach them the basics.

Their vidding aesthetic leans heavily toward strong narrative, clean editing and unusual song choices.

Notable Works