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Name: Barkley
Type: vidder, reccer
Fandoms: Friday Night Lights, Numb3rs, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural
URL: Livejournal, Website
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In 2006, Barkley wrote about her introduction to fandom:

I first started lurking on in 1997ish. I did it for two straight years. Then one day, I wanted more so I decided to post. That took about another month to work up the courage.

I used to have these conversations with myself about how stupid it was of me to be nervous about my first post because I was effectively anonymous and if I screwed it up, no one would know or care since they didn't know me or my screen name.

I first started by replying to people's threads. I started composing what I thought were interesting things to say. I'm am quite certain I was 100% more interesting back in my older days because I weighed every single word and measured its effectiveness. These days, I tend to ramble.

One day, someone emailed me off the group to say, "Hey, that was funny." And it made me feel good. So I took that lesson to heart, and realized, "Hey, who doesn't like to hear nice stuff, so get over your shyness and start e-mailing people." One day, I e-mailed someone else off the group to say, "Hey, that was funny." (Because although we were offtopic kings and queens, a 'hey, that was funny' was not a good use of greater fandom time. LJ has sort of changed that structure though.)

And sometimes you say to someone "hey, that's funny" and leave it at that. And sometimes, you say to someone, "Hey, that's funny" and next thing you know, ten years later and you've come back from yet another wedding of someone you first met on a newsgroup. Not every off-list e-mail resulted in a big friendship. But some of them did. And those friendships wouldn't be there without someone first taking the time to go e-mail and say just the random stuff that you don't want to clutter up your journal/newsgroup/mailing list with.
Source: posting to when we were newbies... , dated June 16, 2006.