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Name: Counteragent
Type: fan, vidder
Fandoms: vidding, SPN, Alias, Captain America (MCU)
URL: Counteragent's Vids and Podfic LJ Her fan films site On AO3
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Counteragent is a fan and a vidder particularly known for her meta vids and her interest in "experimental" vidding techniques and fan filmmaking. She is also a fan artist and a podfic maker.


Notable Works

  • Destiny Calling (2008, multifandom): A vid made for More Joy Day as a tribute to vidders and vidding. This vid celebrates over 40 vidders; a full list can be found at her LJ.
  • Still Alive (2008, SPN): "A survey of (mostly S3) SPN fandom: Some wank, some politics, and a ton of awe-inspiring GENIUS."
  • Good fourth walls make good neighbors: a meta comic about the dissolution of the Fourth Wall in SPN fandom.
  • Above and Below: parallels in the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester as seen through Season 4 (2009)
  • Coin Operated Boy (2011, SPN): A vid about season 6 of Supernatural and the fan response to it; notable for the shooting and inclusion of a live-action sequence directed by Counteragent and featuring an actress playing a fan distressed about the season.
  • The Other Side - SPN Fan Film: a 25-minute Supernatural Fan Film in which Sam and Dean are turned into women. []
  • Copa Cabana - Alias vid