Above and Below (Supernatural vid)

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Title: Above and Below
Creator: counteragent
Date: May 2009
Format: WMV
Length: 3:27 mins
Music: "Above and Below" by The Bravery
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: vid announcement
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Above and Below is an Supernatural vid by counteragent. It was reviewed by cee_m at the Vid Commentary LJ community on July 24, 2009.

Vidder's Summary: "'Cause living makes me feel ashamed," (or, Sam and Dean's amazingly similar S4 storylines).


  • "...your editing blows me away here! Your use of movement is gorgeous, and the parallels had me gasping. I have to rewatch like a billion times, but right off the bat I loved how you juxtaposed Dean in Hell and Sam strapped down in detox, and old Sam and young Sam being punched. This is so, so beautiful!!"[1]
  • "Like the above commenters, I adored the paralleling you do here, not just internal to each brother's story, but between their stories as well. The way you built them each separately (and separated with the white raven wings was a nice touch) and then drew them together for the last third was really deftly done. This is a really dense vid - in a good way! - and will require re-watching for full impact, but I come out of it kind of breathless and "oh BOYS." I also love how you make the demons and the angels the evil whispering voices; so appropriate. *g*"[2]
  • "I loved the focus on both sam and dean's choices and how it affected them (and will continue impacting them moving forward)."[3]
  • "This is really lovely! There's a great sense of motion and momentum to the whole thing that works really well with the music. I'll have to watch it more times to grasp the nuances of the lyric-visual ties, but I particularly love the line "living makes me feel ashamed" and how it applies so painfully well to both boys. I think my favorite moment is around 1:12, when Dean punches big-Sam which transitions into little-Sam falling to the ground. Great use of movement continuity there. I also loved the mirror bit and how you edited in yelloweyed!Sammy. Great job!" [4]
  • "Well, I've just watched this 4 times in a row, and I'm sure I'll be watching it several more. I love the way you continue movement from one shot to another, and make the parallels between the brothers so clear. You first really caught my attention with the "hissing voices." Dean hitting Sam, and young Sam falling down, brilliant. Oh, poor Sam, wanting to believe in Angels, wanting to sign right up with the forces of Good, only there don't seem to be any. (That wish, the knife, the coin, the hanging man, brilliant story-telling.) You've really addressed their mutual fear, that they are monsters, and the self-destructive behavior they both engage in, the demon blood, the drinking. All they have left is each other, but you show the stresses that relationship comes under so clearly. That empty bed, the cell phone, their distrust of each other."[5]
  • "Amazing storytelling, it's clearly Winchester history, but with such a different focus and perspective from the one the story's normally told from; strong emotional effect, you broke my heart around 0:40 and that was just the first of the many of such moments. I'm amazed by how visually 'fresh' your treatment makes the material seem, felt almost like watching a movie for the first time. It's AMAZING how you've connected different scenes from different seasons and episodes together so seamlessly and how you've given them a completely new meaning and position in the narrative. Breathtaking editing; fantastically imaginative way of connecting images, like in the end, the switch from Adam's mother to the Girl Who Lived in the Walls, or Dean seeing a monster as his reflection, that was GENIUS!! (And oh, fifth watching, you also slipped the guy from Metamorphosis in there, how deliciously meta!)"[6]
  • "You get to see some of the parallels between the two of them and when Dean punches grown Sam and young Sam falls... brilliant. Sam falling down and down and down until he's separated from Dean and everything else, both by Dean's death and by his own choices..."[7]


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