...and The Ladies With Pretty Hair

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Title: ...and The Ladies With Pretty Hair
Creator: hollywoodgrrl
Date: Feb 2009
Format: divx .avi
Music: "Running" by Menomena
Fandom: Merlin/Legend of the Seeker
Footage: Merlin/Legend of the Seeker
URL: vid announcement
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...and The Ladies With Pretty Hair is a Merlin/Legend of the Seeker vid by hollywoodgrrl. It was reviewed by deej at the Vid Commentary LJ community on August 1, 2009.

Vidder's Summary: Swords, wizards, magic, fighting, forests, tyrants, prophesizing, lotsa running, and ladies with pretty hair.


  • "Your videos could make me watch ANY show, I swear."[1]
  • "Oh yeah, you've totally sold Legend of the Seeker to me. Win! Also, I am just thrilled, THRILLED to see you tackle a vid solely on the strength of parallels, cutting and source motion. Not to say that your more avant-garde stuff isn't great, and you know I love you for it, but at the same time it is really just AWESOME to see such an amazingly clean, old school vid from you and it's done SO WELL. Your musicality is always amazing and it's showcased to utter perfection here. Gorgeous work."[2]
  • "Wow, this was just amazing! Your vids always take my breath away, but this one I think trumps the lot, because you managed to marry the two shows together beautifully. I'm never usually a fan of crossover vids, because you can always spot the join, but when I was watching this I kept having to remind myself that these really are two separate shows! You're method of editing and the clips you've chosen just lends a lyrical flow to the whole video. Also the song is not one I'm familiar with, and I'm not sure I would've liked it under normal circumstances, but with the images you've used, it just fits so well. I love it! If I thought the shows were similar before, this vid has me utterly convinced. Amazing work. [3]
  • "All cleverness aside, this vid is fast and fun and vibrant and pretty to look at, and is totes one of my all time faves. And it made me watch Merlin, so well-done, HWG :P"[4]


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