Faded Roses

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Title: Faded Roses
Publisher: Off-Note Productions
Editor(s): Cheryl W. Duval
Date(s): 1989-1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast & Phantom of the Opera & Amadeus
Language: English
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Faded Roses is a gen anthology (not crossovers) with fiction from Beauty and the Beast, Amadeus and Phantom of the Opera, fandoms the zine describes as "three of the most romantic universes of all time." It was edited by Chery W. Duval.

General Reactions and Reviews

FADED ROSES is quite possibly the most beautiful anthology of fan work available. Gorgeous, original artwork is featured on almost every page. But I was frustrated with the Phantom segments of ROSES. ROSES, you see, is not exclusively Phantom; with the exception of the PHANTOMS IN TIME production, all of the FADED ROSES volumes feature the three themes of Beauty and the Beast, Phantom, and Mozart. Unfortunately for Phantom fans, the Mozart and Beast segments seemed to occupy more space in the volume, with more variety in the stories presented. The POTO segments seemed brief and the stories were not so memorable as the artwork.[1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1 by Lisa Conner

Faded Roses 1 was published in 1989 and contains 227 pages. This zine has a color cover and art by Lisa Conner, Julie Edwards, Joseph Phillips, Phred, Terrie Smith. The Beauty and the Beast fiction is by Teresa Sariek, Carol Kyne, Sue Ann Sarick, Tricia Field, Claudia Bert and, Dianne Smith, Melinda Knapp. The front cover is by Phred.

Readers should note in one short story, "Reflections, A Dark Fantasy," Vincent dies in a cave-in. Lots of art, poetry and cartoons.[2]
  • All We Know of Heaven by Carol Kyne
  • Healing Powers by Claudie Bertrand
  • Hopes and Dreams by Claudie Bertrand
  • Opaque Images by Dianne M. Smith
  • Promise by Melinda B. Knapp
  • Reflections: A Dark Fantasy by Dianne M. Smith
  • Resolutions by Christine Reynolds

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Beautiful to look at, superbly edited. Hysterical cartoons, splendid color cover. Reviewer holds this up as an example of how a zine should be printed. Fiction takes a backseat to the artwork, cartoons, & poetry. Also a classic naughty limerick and a most memorable back cover.[3]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Faded Roses 2 was published in 1990 and contains 265 pages. Art by Teresa Buffaloe, Julie Edwards, Debbie Joseph, Vickey Kime-Mackey, Frank Rolapp, Terrie Smith-Wooten (including color cover), Pam Tuck. The Beauty and the Beast stories are by Teresa Sarick, Melinda Knapp, Adina Reeve, Sue Ann Sarick, Krista Chafin, Angela Matis, Claudia Bertrand, Cheryl Duval, Jan Grokett, Christine Reynolds.

  • Chronicles of a Forgotten World by Krista Chaflin
  • Separate Worlds by Claudie Bertrand
  • The Mistrial by Claudie Bertrand
  • The Princess and the Sorcerer by Melinda B. Knapp
  • Tunnel Notes by Teresa Sarick
  • Matches by Cheryl Duval
  • Resolutions by Christine Reynold

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

How does Cheryl manage to corner so many talented artists to work for her? The artwork and the production exceed the fiction. A worthy addition to the series.[4]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Faded Roses 3 was published in 1991 and contains 209 pages. Non-B&B covers. Interior B&B art by Julie Edwards, Kevin Houseberg, Holly Reidel, Cheryl Serr, Terries Smith, Pam Tuck. The Beauty and the Beast stories are by Marcia Wickes, Linda Mooney, Kevin Houseberg, A 'Nea Dodson, Valerie Lynn Meachum, Cat Miles, Guinn Berger, Tricia Field, Teresa Sarick, Angela Matis, Karen Mitchell.

  • For I Have Promises to Keep by Trisha Fields
  • By Moonlight by Guinn Berger
  • First Waltz b Nea' Dodson
  • Friends and Helpers by Nea' Dodson
  • Green Finch and Linnet Bird by Valerie Lyynn Meachum
  • Strips by Nea' Dodson
  • The Dark Cavalier by Guinn Berger
  • The Other by Linda Mooney
  • Queen of the Night, , a Nicholas & Varina fic crossover with Amadeus by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

It's the illustrations that make this a noteworthy zine.[5]

Issue 4

Faded Roses 4 was published in 1993 and contains 211 pages. It contains a massive amount of art.

front cover of issue #4, Pam Tuck
back cover of issue#4
one of the table of contents page from issue #4

The art is by Judith Boguslawski, Derrin, Lenore Dunlop, Cheryl W. Duval (the majority), Mary Gerstner, Larry S. Jarrell, Jr., Debbie Joseph, Kerin Rose Houseberg, Debbie Hoyt, Phred, Holly Reidel, Pam Tuck, and Jessica Yost.

The inside back cover is titled: "Touches of Romance."

The zine is dedicated "To all of those who love adventure, love and danger -- Who want their lives filled with romance and beauty and who have enjoyed reading FADED ROSES."

From the editor:

This will be the last issue of this series — but, I am happy to say not the end of FADED ROSES. Rather, in the future, the Faded Roses Collection will be smaller in size, yet expanded in "vision". The first of the new series will be PHANTOMS OF TIME, the PHANTOM special that many of you have already inquired about. After that, there will be a special BEAUTY AND THE BEAST issue which we are calling SEASONS OF THE HEART. Beyond that? There will be BAYBERRY ROSE (Christmas, Winterfest. etc.), SCENTED CANDLES (an R-rated edition), and other projects that will be announced. Details will be available upon request, but I an expanding THE FADED ROSES COLLECTION to include other lustily romantic universes such as DARK SHADOWS, ZORRO, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL any vampire, ghost or swashbuckler story. Naturally, BEAST, PHANTOM, and AMADEUS will always be at the heart of FADED ROSES. but we feel the time has come to branch off into new rose gardens.

I'm afraid I must apologize for not having the usual, familiar color cover, but the costs of printing were more than I could manage. Nevertheless, Pam Tuck's beautiful black-and-white cover is a worthy successor to those color pieces that came before. in fact, this issue of FADED ROSES is a worthy finale lo a fine series. The three cliff hanger stories from issue stories from issue #3 are successfully concluded, the Scribbling & Bibbling section is full of charming, amusing little yarns as well as cartoons and miscellany, and there are a number of stunning stories, with a particular emphasis PHANTOM OF THE OPERA stories. The gypsy magic in "King of Swords" was thoroughly researched and we have some exceptionally beautiful artwork. I think you will enjoy all of it.

I want to thank you, then, for loyally following FADED ROSES the past several years. It is my wish, of course, that you will continue with us in the future, and that you may find your touches of Romance in these few little pages.

The Magic (Beauty and the Beast):

  • Dreams of Who I Am by Aurora (8)
  • I Will Love You by Sue-Ann Harwick (9)
  • Remembrance by Kat Nickell (11)
  • Tunnels of Love by Teresa Sarick (12)
  • The Bouquet by Linda Mooney (14)
  • Unvoiced Fears by Adina Reeve (17)
  • Growing Pains by Adina Reeve (18)
  • Someday by Cat Miles (19)
  • ... And Miles to Go Before I Sleep by Trisha Fields and Melinda Knapp (200)
  • The Wedding Vows by Angela Matis (45)
  • Princess by Sue-Ann Hartwick (46)
  • Shadows of Hate by Sue-Ann Sarick (48)
  • Vincent's Sunrise by Teresa Sarick (65)
  • You Touched My Heart by Angela Matis (66)

The Masque (Phantom of the Opera):

  • Arabesque by Aurora (70)
  • Share With Me One Lifetime by April Giordano-Gresulfi (72)
  • Overture to the Opera by A. 'Nea Dodson (74)
  • The Shadow and the Song, part II: When Love is All by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith (78)
  • Through a Glass, Darkly by Nancy Catherine (100)
  • No End to Sorrow by Katehy Keetch (124)
  • That Voice Which Calls by Scuramouche (130)
  • Finale by Mary Young (140)

The Music (Amadeus):

  • Letter to Stanzi by Wolfgang Amadeua Mozart (144)
  • The Borrowed Aria by Kim Sangers (146)
  • Proof of Love, part 1 by Linda Mooney (148)
  • Salieri's Lament by Sue-Ann Hartwick (151)
  • King of Swords, part 1 by Cheryl Whitfield Duval (152)
  • You are the Music by Sue-Ann Hartwick (174)
  • Proof of Love, part II by Linda Mooney (176)
  • Fairest in the Land by Kat Nickell (180)

Scribbling and Bibbling (poems, vignettes, cartoons, filks):

  • Any Port in a Storm by Maureen Torrens and April Giordano-Gresalfi (188)
  • Mozart by Sue-Ann Sarick (190)
  • Revelations by Sandra Wise (192)
  • Beauty, It's Cold Outside by Teresa Sarick (205)
  • Vincent's in my Cellar by Teresa Sarick (205)
  • A Pain in the Glass by April Giordano-Gresalfi (208)
  • A Mediocre Melody by Cheryl Whitfield Duval (210)


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