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Title: Phantom APA (also spelled "Phantom-APA")
Publisher: Carol P. Smith and Heather Nachman
Type: APA
Date(s): around 1992
Frequency: bi-monthly
Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
Language: English
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Phantom APA was a bi-monthly publication fro Phantom of the Opera fans.

From a 1992 ad in Zine Scene:
A forum for fans of "Phantom of the Opera" Phantom-APA is intended to be a bi-monthly publication for those who enjoy reading and writing about a certain Opera Ghost. Although we expect a predominate emphasis on the Lloyd Webber musical, we welcome all commentary, discussion, artwork on anything relating to the "Phantom." Books, movies, musicals, plays, TV shows, comics, cartoons, costumes, takeoffs and satires are legitimate topics.