Behind the Mask

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You may be looking for the Forever Knight story "Behind the Mask" by Kathy Whelton.
Title: Behind the Mask
Publisher: Dog-House Press
Author(s): HG & Cherilyn
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): January 2002 (written October 1998 - March 2001)
Medium: print
Fandom: The Fugitive (1993)
Language: English
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Behind the mask.jpg

Behind the Mask is a slash Fugitive 138-page (118,300 word) novel written by HG and Cherilyn.

There are no interior illustrations.

From the publisher's flyer:
A slash novel set in California and the American West of the 1880s. Gerard, a town marshal, finds it difficult to hide his interest in the town's new doctor, Richard Kimble. The attraction is mutual, but Kimble's on the run from a one-armed man and dare not stay any place for too long.

From the Zine

This story bears about as much resemblance to the real 'Old West' as the Hollywood films and T.V. serials that inspired it. Pack a bag of salt with your beans and you'll be just fine.
Dog-House is a non-profit-making press. In the unlikely event of a profit being made, such monies will be given to our local hospice.