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Zine Publisher
Name: Dog House Press
Contact: Elaine W
Fandoms: Multiple Fandoms and Professionals
Status: defunct
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Dog House Press was a UK slash fanzine publisher that published Multiple Fandoms and Professionals fanzines in the late 1990s. In 2001 one of the Stargate SG1 stories included in their Event Horizon 1 fanzine (Temptation by Circle) won a FanQ award.

From the publisher's flyers: "For the benefit of any newbies, I've been in fandom since 1981 and producing zines since 1996. Our zines don't contain artwork, poetry, big white spaces or death stories. The zines remain in print. We aim to fill orders within 10 days of receipt of an order, real life permitting. If there's a problem, we'll email you. We don't agent our zines in America (those American fans who want our zines having been sending US dollars without any problems). We aren't a business, we don't take credit cards....We produce zines for love, not profit - though hope to break even (the dogs need to eat ,<g>). When we decide to stop producing zines any money left will go to the local hospice."