The Smallville X-Title Challenge

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Name: The Smallville X-Title Challenge
Date(s): 2002
Founder: Liviapenn
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Smallville
Associated Community:
URL: The Smallville X-Title Challenge
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The Smallville X-Title Challenge (also the X-Title Challenge) is a challenge in the Smallville fandom, in which participants wrote stories using titles from episodes of The X-Files. It was created in April 2002 by Liviapenn:

So Smallville occasionally has plots that are, ya know, *vaguely* reminiscent of the X-Files. We're all aware. *grins* So my challenge is, write a short Smallville story (a drabble, a page, whatever you decide) and, for a title, pick the title of an X-Files episode. ...
Try not to pick the simple one-word titles like "Home," "Fire," "Alone," and so on. That's too easy! Go for the weird ones like "The Dream King," "Firewalker," "The Field Where I Died," "Paper Hearts," "Oubliette," "All Souls..." you get the picture.[1]

There was no restriction on length, genre or type of story, nor on duplicating episode titles. The works were not archived together but a masterlist was archived at Livia's website.


A total of 77 stories were written. Participants included many of the best-known writers in the fandom. Several authors wrote multiple stories.


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