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Name: zahra
Alias(es): hackthis
Type: fanwriter, reccer
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, Buffyverse, Burn Notice, Chuck, due South, Entourage, Everwood, Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, Harry Potter, Heroes, Iron Man, Kitchen Confidential, Lost, Lotrips, Merlin, The OC, Ocean's 11, RPS, Smallville, Southland, Spiderman, Stargate Atlantis, Superman Returns, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Torchwood, X-Men
URL: dysFUNctional; hackthis@LJ
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zahra is a prolific multifandom slash writer and reccer. Her first fandom was perhaps Smallville, where she was active from 2002 (or earlier) to 2004. She mainly wrote Clark/Lex but she also did Chloe/Clark. Many of her Smallville stories were widely recommended. She is particularly known for incorporating the fictional webcomic Warrior Angel into her fiction.

By mid-2002, zahra was also writing in the Buffy/Angel and Harry Potter fandoms, amongst others. Her Harry Potter fanfiction was widely recommended. She's particularly known for her Harry/Draco, and for her Neville and Neville/Harry.

zahra maintains a personal website, dysFUNctional, which had been founded by 2002. It has not been updated since 2007. She recommends fanfiction & vids in her livejournal.

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