Rana Eros

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Name: Rana Eros
Alias(es): Ranalore, Rana Bob, Rana Jones
Type: Fanwriter, meta author
Fandoms: Yami no Matsuei, Saiyuki, Weiß Kreuz, DBSK, The Untamed, Getbackers, Guardian, Dark Angel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Highlander, CSJH, Yuri on Ice, Anyband, SeaQuest, Queer as Folk, X-Files, Sentinel, Smallville, Harry Potter, Boondock Saints, others
Communities: fuda_100, try_this_fic, Wishes for Kisses, chenqing_100, nuna_fans, nuna_fanworks
URL: Livejournal,

Dreamwidth, AO3,

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Rana Eros, also known as Ranalore and Rana Jones, has been active in online fandom since 1994, as a community moderator and author of fic and meta.

She gives blanket permission to podfic and translate her work.