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Name: RatCreature
Type: fan artist, reccer
Fandoms: Avatar: the Last Airbender, Daredevil, DC Universe, Donaldism, Dresden Files (bookverse), Due South, European Comics, Farscape, Harry Potter, Independent Comics, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Universe, Merlin, Numb3rs, The Sentinel, Smallville, Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural, Temeraire, The X-Files
Communities: fanart-recs.dreamwidth
URL: ratcreature.net (website)
at WordPress (fanart blog)
at Dreamwidth
at LiveJournal
at InsaneJournal
at DeviantArt
at del.icio.us (disfunct)
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RatCreature is a fan artist and reccer who has been active in fandom since the late 1990s.


Through the Looking Glass: Alternate Universe Recs is her multifandom AU recommendation page. Within a fandom the recs are sorted by author, with new additions being marked. For The Sentinel the links are also sorted by the type of the AU: Alternate Reality (AR), Alternate History (AH), Fusions, 'Transplanting' AUs, Change of Universe Rules, Change of Character.

Crossover Recs is her gen, het,and slash recommendation page for crossovers in several fandoms.

Since October 2010 she maintains a community for fanart recs on Dreamwidth, fanart_recs.

Themed Lists

Ratcreature maintains several themed lists.
For the Star Trek TOS and Star Trek (2009) fandom, a list of

And for the Stargate Atlantis fandom, lists of fic featuring:


She illustrates in a wide variety of mediums, from acrylic, to ink to pencil. A gallery of some of her art is below.

"I am and always have been a fan. I can't even remember a time before I self-identified as a fan, and did fannish stuff, like collecting and drawing comics. And I don't mean that in a "feral fan" sense either, where fans are fans but not aware of fandom and kind of retroactively realize they've been fans all along, and everything just kind of makes sense after meeting other fans, i.e. I was in fandom and interacted with other fans since I was a kid, well before I found internet fandom.

Sample Art Styles

Low-resolution copies of a selection of works by this artist are posted here to illustrate their style. Please visit the artist's own site to see the original full-resolution versions.

Acrylic medium
Star Trek fanart; see the original.
This was created for the 2010 Star Trek Reverse Bang challenge, and Tonocka wrote a Star Trek (2009) Kirk/Spock story for it, In Marsh and Desert. Ratcreature wrote a process post about creating this artwork, discussing the progress from small sketches to finished painting. It includes some very interesting discussion of working out perspective and using different kinds of models (including small clay models and self-portraits).
Acrylic medium
Stargate Atlantis fanart; See the original.
This was a 2009 Yuletart gift. It has team bonding and a nod to the McShep pairing.
Ink medium
Harry Potter fanart; See the original.
This is part of a series of drawings of the magical creatures from the Harry Potter series, featuring Ratcreature's crosshatching skills.
Digital art
Temeraire fanart; See the original.
Temeraire doing one of his favorite things, spending quality time with the jewelry Lawrence gave him. This was a 2008 Yuletart gift. It's a pencil drawing which was then inked and colored digitally.
Digital art
DC Comics fanart; See the original.
This is Roy Harper as Speedy during his drug addiction storyline.