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Name: The Dresden Files
Creator: Jim Butcher (books)
Date(s): 2000-present(books), 2007(TV)
Medium: books, TV
Country of Origin: United States
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The Dresden Files is a series of urban fantasy noir books by Jim Butcher which follows wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden as he attempts to assist people with magical difficulties. The series was also made into a short-lived television show.

During, and some time after, the TV show's airing in 2007, a portion of the fandom used a mix of book and TV canon, despite there being considerable differences between the two. With the release of new books that introduced new characters, changed existing characters, and upset the balance of power, the fans of the TV series and the books grew further apart. Regular new source material and the fact that many fans' favorite characters from the books (in particular John Marcone and Thomas Raith) don't appear in the TV show contributed to the fact that, nowadays, the book fandom is larger.

Jim Butcher's Stance on Fanfic

"Rather than upholding the awkward "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy towards fanfiction he used in the past, Jim is embracing the Creative Commons. Now, fanfiction is to be licensed as derivative, noncommercial fiction under the Creative Commons umbrella." [1]


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