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Name: John Marcone
Occupation: mob boss
Title/Rank: "Gentleman" Johnnie Marcone, Baron of Chicago
Location: Chicago
Status: alive
Fandom: The Dresden Files
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John Marcone is a character in the book fandom The Dresden Files. He is the head of the underworld in Chicago and a sometimes-ally of Harry Dresden. He was the first "vanilla mortal" (human without magical abilities) to become a signatory of the Accords (Treaty of the magical world) and is a business partner of Donar Vadderung, also known as Odin. He is almost always accompanied by his bodyguards Hendricks and Sigrun Gard, a valkyrie.

Canon Biography

Not much is known about his background, which he encourages by not revealing his true name. He became head of the Chicago mob by overthrowing the Vargassi family and has expanded his power ever since, keeping up the facade of a respectable businessman while bringing the organized crime in Chicago under his control. On his first meeting with Harry Dresden they shared a soulgaze that Harry feels Marcone tricked him into. Marcone tries to recruit Harry for a while, using bribery and threats, but never succeeds, and they are forced to work together more than once. Harry even asks for Marcone's help (White Night) and in return Marcone, who got increasingly involved in the supernatural world, demands that Harry helps making him a Signatory of the Accords. This involvement leads to him being kidnapped and tortured in Small Favor. By Ghost Story, Marcone has helped defend Chicago after the chaos following the destruction of the Red Court and formed a tentative alliance with Karrin Murphy. Marcone's dark secret is Amanda, a girl who got shot with a bullet meant for him years ago. She fell into a coma and he keeps her in a hospital near Chicago, going as far as to steal the Shroud of Turin in the hope of helping her recover (Death Masks). Guilt of Amanda's fate made him employ Helen Beckitt, her mother, who hates him and has conspired against him more than once.

John Marcone in Fanfic

Despite his secondary role in canon, Marcone is one of the most popular characters among Livejournal and AO3-based fans.[1] Harry Dresden/John Marcone is the most common pairing by far.
Fandom tends to downplay the animosity between Harry and Marcone or interpret it as UST. Less pleasant parts of Marcone's activities - drug-dealing, weapons-smuggling, prostitution etc. - are often downplayed and his "line in the sand", never to allow direct harm to a child, is emphasized. Popular fanon tropes include that Marcone had a military background and that Marcone and Hendricks are close friends who have known each other for a long time.[2]
Especially in Harry Dresden/John Marcone fic references to Marcone as a tiger (as Harry described his soul during the soul-gaze) are common, and in some fanworks this is used literally.[3]

Notable Fanworks

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